Japan is divided into 9 regions, which are split into 47 smaller prefectures stretching from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. Hokkaido houses the country’s best national parks, world-renowned ski resorts, and flower fields. Tohoku, the Northeast region, is famous for its scenic countryside, mountains, lakes, and intense climate. Kanto, Japan’s most populated region, is the center of business and industries. It also houses some of the most well-preserved ancient cities full of historic treasures. Located in central Honshu, Chubu is characterized by high rugged mountains and covers a large and geographically diverse area. It is the hub for the automobile, aircraft and other manufacturing industries. The Kansai or Kinki region holds the nation’s second-largest economy, and is the cultural and historical heart of Japan. The road less-traveled Chugoku is full of memorable sights; a great place to do hiking and island-hopping. Shikoku is Japan’s smallest region and probably the most peaceful one. It is known for its abundant nature, beautiful rivers, and wonderful onsen. The Kyushu includes both Kyushu and Okinawa islands offering a perfect mix of history, natural beauty, modern cities and magnificent beaches. Get to know each region in depth: its must-visit destinations, culture, nature and unique food.