Welcome to Ibaraki! Ibaraki prefecture is located in the Kanto Region of Honshu, northeast of Tokyo. Full of interesting sights, Ibaraki is a diverse mixture of agriculture, industry, and high-tech R&D. It is Japan’s No. 1 producer and consumer of natto or fermented soybeans, the birthplace of aikido, the site of the seasonal Fukuroda Falls, one of the world’s biggest Buddhas and the highest bungee jump in the country. The capital Mito is home to Kairakuen, one of Japan’s three most celebrated gardens, and famous for its over 3,000 Japanese plum trees of over 100 varieties.


There are a lot of spots worth exploring in Ibaraki prefecture from Mito, the prefectural capital, to Hitachi, great for viewing flowers all year round, to the eastern seashores that are lined with great surfing spots. 


The capital known for its magnificent gardens


Spacious park famous for its large flower fields


Ibaraki’s science, technology, and spiritual capital

We arrange a wide array of meal choices for you, from Japanese traditional set meals, all you can eat, to local and seasonal specialties. Join us in exploring the taste of Japan!

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Different regions have their own traditional recipes and agricultural farming system. Many of the regional dishes can only be tasted in the original area they came from.

Anko Nabe

Due to its location on the Pacific Coast, Ibaraki is a seafood lover’s paradise. There a plenty of options to suit all budgets and tastes, but the highlight of seafood in Ibaraki is the prefecture’s specialty, anglerfish! Traditionally, the fish is prepared in a hotpot known as “Anko-nabe” but they can also be eaten raw as sashimi. Anglerfish are considered high-quality food and sells expensively at the fish markets.


Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans that have been fermented. It is said to be good for your health and beauty. Before eating it, you should stir it up thoroughly with your chopsticks. Natto is typically topped with soy sauce, mustard, chives, or other seasonings and served with cooked rice

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Whether this is your first time visiting, or returning, make sure to participate in these unique activities, that cannot be done elsewhere!

Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking

Ibaraki is a paradise for lovers of fruit. Some of the most popular fruits are melon, strawberry, pear, grape, apple, blueberry, persimmon, and chestnut. There are many tourist farms where you buy fresh fruit or take part in on-site fruit picking. Some fruit farms offer all-you-can-eat fruit picking programs. Besides, you can buy processed fruit items such as jam.



Ibaraki is one of the best places in Japan for paragliding and even hosted the Paragliding World Cup in 2007! Thanks to the wind conditions in the area, gliders can fly for a long time. Beginners and first-timers are welcome and there are plenty of instructors and schools to choose from. 

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