Welcome to Shizuoka! This prefecture is perfectly located in the middle of ‘Golden Route’ from Tokyo to Kyoto, and therefore famous as a popular retreat for the urbanites and a transit city for international tourists. Shizuoka is blessed with long stretches of scenic coastline, stunning mountain ranges, deep green forests, and the majestic Mount Fuji. Shizuoka also produces more than half of all of the green tea in Japan. Millions come every year to refresh their spirits by taking a dip in Shizuoka’s onsens, savor the freshest seafood and sip the country’s best green tea.


Shizuoka is most famous for its natural scenery–especially the white-sand beaches, clear waters, and rugged coastlines along the Izu Peninsula. On top of that, it is also home to two of Japan’s top three onsen resorts, Atami and Ito. On the Shizuoka side of Mount Fuji, there are fun places at Fuji Five Lakes, the cultural site Fujisan Hongū Sengen Taisha, and natural phenomena such as Shiraito Falls, and Asagiri Highland.

Shizuoka City

Prefectural capital known for its tea leaves and scenic views of Mount Fuji

Fuji Five Lakes

The country's finest recreational and cultural options against the backdrop of Mount Fuji


Japan's most popular outlet shopping mall


Shizuoka's largest city; best known for its musical instruments and motorcycle industries

Izu Peninsula

Beautiful coastlines, world-class quality hot spring resorts, and white-sand beaches


Home to the Sengen Shrine and Shiraito Falls--one of Japan's most beautiful waterfalls

Lake Hamanako

The best place to eat unaju (Japanese eel) in the country 

We arrange a wide array of meal choices for you, from Japanese traditional set meals, all you can eat, to local and seasonal specialties. Join us in exploring the taste of Japan!

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Different regions have their own traditional recipes and agricultural farming system. Many of the regional dishes can only be tasted in the original area they came from.

Mishima Croquette

This croquette is only sold in shops certified by ‘Mishima Korokke no kai’. It is crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Using Mishima potatoes as the basis, other ingredients are added at the liberty of each shop, with shapes varying from spiral to heart


Shizuoka is one of the leading producers of domestically grown unagi that is rich in vitamins and collagen. The flesh is plump and fatty, and low in calories, making it especially popular among women. The best way to eat eel is on a bed of rice, covered in a glossy sauce and served in a ‘Ju’ box.

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Whether this is your first time visiting, or returning, make sure to participate in these unique activities, that cannot be done elsewhere!

Tea Picking

Tea Picking

Shizuoka Prefecture has been producing about 40% of Japan's tea. Located in the small town of Makinohara, Greenpia offers foreign visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Japanese tea, by participating directly in a picking session of young green tea leaves. This local experience is open to all foreign visitors from April to October for a modest participation fee of 800 yen/person (Image via Greenpia).

Fragrance Making

Fragrance Making

Make your ideal perfume using computer software. The system will advise the ideal scent for you according to your data (fashion choice, hairstyle, blood type, and so on). You can adjust the recipe, decorate the perfume bottle, and attach an original label. Create your fragrance that is unique in the world (Image via Iwate Kaori).

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Hotel Concorde Hamamatsu

Source: © Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu

Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu

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