Welcome to Fukushima! Located in the Tohoku region, Fukushima is the third largest prefecture of Japan and often characterized by spectacular natural beauties, historic sites, famed onsens, high-quality sake, and a wide variety of local food products. Fukushima is known as a “Fruit Kingdom,” because of its many seasonal fruits such as peaches, cherries, nashi (Japanese pears), grapes, persimmons, and apples. While the 2011 earthquake and tsunami hit the region hard, tourism has bounced right back, thanks to local spirit—as expected from people in the northern heartland of samurai culture.


Easily reached from Tokyo, the charming Fukushima has everything Japan is famous for, including relaxing onsen, sake, cherry blossoms, and powder-covered mountain slopes.

Fukushima City

The capital city of Fukushima Prefecture famed for its spectacular cherry blossom spots


An extremely well-preserved post town providing visitors with an authentic time-travel experience


A castle town known for its award-winning sake and undying samurai culture


A town centered on Mt Bandai which provides great hiking terrain, ski fields, and dramatic scenery

Lake Inawashiro

Mountainside lake area that shines like a mirror


Five-colored ponds ranging from a lime green to deep turquoise to a topaz blue

We arrange a wide array of meal choices for you, from Japanese traditional set meals, all you can eat, to local and seasonal specialties. Join us in exploring the taste of Japan!

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Different regions have their own traditional recipes and agricultural farming system. Many of the regional dishes can only be tasted in the original area they came from.

Namie Yakisoba

The “Namie Yakisoba” pan-fried noodle is a specialty food item produced in the town of Namie, Fukushima Prefecture. Known for its thick noodle (2-4 mm, which is three times thicker than ordinary yakisoba) Namie Yakisoba is cooked with bean sprouts and pork in a rich sauce.

Sauce Katsu-don

Sauce Katsu Don is a staple of Fukushima cuisine. It stands out from the rest due to the highest quality pork and sauce used. The pork is juicy, delicate, and tender, while the sweet sauce (close in flavor to Worcestershire Sauce) cuts the fattiness of the meat. Make sure you try this local gourmet especially when you visit Aizu-Wakamatsu City.

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Whether this is your first time visiting, or returning, make sure to participate in these unique activities, that cannot be done elsewhere!

Sake Brewery Tour

Sake Brewery Tour

Fukushima Prefecture is famous in Japan for its sake production. This prefecture has won numerous gold awards for best sake in Japan and has been called the "Sake Kingdom." Fukushima's strength lies in its high-quality water and rice. Learn and taste the best sake at three local breweries: Kokken, Shike, and Watanabe.

Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking

Fukushima is renowned for its wide variety of fruits. There is even a road called Fruits Line, along which several fruit farms are in operation. Come and enjoy the bounty of cherries, peaches, Japanese pears, grapes, and apples of Fukushima City, known as the Fruit Kingdom of Japan!

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