Welcome to Tochigi! This landlocked prefecture is located in the Kanto region of Honshu. Just two hours north of Tokyo, Tochigi Prefecture is surrounded by noteworthy shrines, remote onsen, gorgeous seasonal parks, unspoiled nature, and a theme park dedicated to the Edo period. In cool winters you can enjoy hot springs surrounded by snow. In summer, you can go to the cool, northern mountainous areas. Large temperature differences between day and night allow the growth of rich agricultural products in this region. Tourists come all year round to see cherry blossoms and wisterias in spring and beautiful autumn foliage in fall. The prefectural capital of Utsunomiya is also popular across Japan for its hardcore dedication to the production and consumption of gyoza. Also located in Utsunomiya is Bell Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the North Kanto region.


Tochigi offers one of the finest onsen paradises in Japan, magnificent natural areas for outdoor activities, and a UNESCO world heritage site. It is truly a rewarding destination at any time of the year.


Offering great places to enjoy jazz and gyoza (dumplings)


Home to Japan's most lavishly decorated shrine and the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu

Kinugawa Onsen

A rustic, small hot springs town


Home to the nation's oldest school and kingdom of flowers

Lake Chuzenji

Japan's highest natural lake; a popular summer resort for foreigners 

Edo Wonderland

A theme park recreating Japanese town life during the Edo Period

We arrange a wide array of meal choices for you, from Japanese traditional set meals, all you can eat, to local and seasonal specialties. Join us in exploring the taste of Japan!

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Different regions have their own traditional recipes and agricultural farming system. Many of the regional dishes can only be tasted in the original area they came from.


Utsunomiya is known as the home of gyoza, or fried dumplings. Gyoza came to Japan after Japanese soldiers that were stationed in China brought it back with them. Now, Utsunomiya has over 200 restaurants dedicated to gyoza, each with its unique recipe and style of preparation. Tochigi prefecture is also one of the top producers of chives, a major gyoza filling. 

Sano Ramen

Simple, perfect ramen, Sano noodles are chewy and have texture, while the soup is a basic soy-based broth that is clear and rich. There isn’t much to the ingredients either: Naruto, pork, chopped green onion and Menma (fermented bamboo shoots) are the only condiments put on the ramen. The city of Sano prides itself on being the home of ramen, so be sure to pay a visit! (Image via Taberukoto)

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Whether this is your first time visiting, or returning, make sure to participate in these unique activities, that cannot be done elsewhere!

Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking

Tochigi Prefecture is Japan’s number one producer of strawberries, both in terms of output and sales. Enjoy a variety of seasonal fruit picking activities year-round, including strawberries, apples, pears, chestnuts, etc. After picking some fruit, your group can also enjoy a dessert made from your harvest if you like.

Samurai Dress Up

Samurai Dress Up

Change into a suit of samurai armor or Edo period clothing, become an Edo inhabitant for the day, and stroll around the town. You can experience this in Edo Wonderland and Ashikaga Information and Communication Space.

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