Welcome to Ehime; a land loved by many Japanese authors! This prefecture lies in the northern part of the island of Shikoku, the smallest of the four major islands of Japan. Its capital, Matsuyama, is the largest city on Shikoku, blessed with many historical and cultural resources such as the famous Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Onsen, a 3000-year old hot spring–the oldest bathing area in Japan. Ehime, which sounds feminine to Japanese ears and means “beautiful maiden,” has inspired some of Japan’s most celebrated creatives, Japanese drama creators, and anime makers. Today, the area hosts some industries from chemical, oil refining, to cotton textile products. Other than that, Ehime is also renowned across Japan for its agricultural and fishing industry, especially mikan (mandarin orange) and cultured pearls.


Ehime is a stunning area with quaint towns and cosmopolitan cities set amongst jagged mountains and rural landscapes. The region generally enjoys a mild climate with many sunny days. Get ready to explore Ehime’s natural beauty and breathtaking architectural masterpieces.


Interesting city that has inspired a number of Japanese authors

Shimanami Kaido

A series of nine stunning bridges with the backdrop of the turquoise waters of the Seto Inland Sea


Home to a variety of factories and retro historic sites


One of the top pearl producers in Japan


Once a prosperous center of wax and paper production


Also known as the Little Kyoto of Iyo

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Different regions have their own traditional recipes and agricultural farming system. Many of the regional dishes can only be tasted in the original area they came from.


Jakoten is a popular fish paste cake made from the tiny sardine hatchlings (whitebait) that are grounded, formed into a patty, and deep-fried (sort of a fish burger). Eaten all the time in Ehime and with almost anything, including salads, hotpots, and with alcohol.


Taimeshi (sea bream rice) is a traditional local specialty of Ehime; typically eaten at times of celebration. Taimeshi in the east consists of rice cooked with a whole sea bream, while Taimeshi in the south is a dish of fresh sea bream sashimi dipped in a mixture of soy sauce and egg yolk served on a piping hotbed of white rice.

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Ehime is a treasure trove of cycling routes that will satisfy a wide range of cyclists, from beginners to professionals. From challenging mountain roads to seashore routes with views of the Seto Inland Sea, enjoy the wide variety of routes while taking in the vastness of oceans, mountains, rivers, food, hot springs, art, and historical and cultural assets.

Wild Fishing

Wild Fishing

As Seto island sea doesn't have contact with the open sea, it is not affected by swells. Therefore the sea is calm the whole year, it is easy to enjoy fishing with family. There are many target fish in the Seto inland sea. Red Snapper and Yellow Tail are amongst the most popular. In Ehime, you can target lots of fish even from the shore.

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