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From the abundant lineup, you can choose the model according to the number of people and your request.
Ventilation is perfect as it is a new model vehicle within 5 years. By using only the seats near the window of a large car, using a car model with wide seat spacing, or using a car model for families and small groups, we are fully equipped with three measures for travel.

Our vehicles are Legal, Safe, Clean, and performing high






Covid-19 Measures

In this video below is a comfort system for Bus users, but there are adjustments related to handling the spread of the Covid-19 virus. So we have adjusted the situation so that passengers can travel using our services pleasantly. More information ? Please Click Here

Safety Technology

Warning System
Stability Control
Pre-Collision System
Safe Driving Assistance

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Micro Bus


Vehicle Information

InformationLarge – Size BusMedium-size busMicro-size Bus Hi Ace
Osaka Head Office189710
Tokyo Branch1375Coming soon
Chitose Branch22Coming soon
Kyushu Branch 1753Coming soon
Okinawa Branch 1011Coming soon
The Length of Vehicle11 Meter9 Meter 7.8 Meter5.38 Meter
Passanger Capacity45 – 49 Pax27 Pax10 – 15 Pax8 Pax