Welcome to Ishikawa! This prefecture is located in the west of Japan and divided into three areas – the Noto Peninsula to the north, Kaga/Hakusan to the south, and the city of Kanazawa, which lies almost exactly in the middle. Because of its location, Ishikawa Prefecture has been a major gateway to and from the continent of Asia across the Sea of Japan since ancient times. At present, Ishikawa Prefecture is attracting attention for its sublime coastal scenery, fine arts, stunning mountain vistas, rich cultural heritage, and great seafood.


Ishikawa’s most enchanting destinations include the capital city of Kanazawa, highly refined traditional Japanese crafts, including gold leaf and lacquerware, healing hot spring waters in Kaga Onsen, and beautiful rugged scenery of the Noto Peninsula.


The prefectural capital rich in culture and home to one of Japan's most celebrated garden

Noto Peninsula

Rural peninsula with beautiful coastlines

Kaga Onsen

A collection of four historic hot spring towns


One of Japan's three most sacred mountains, along with Mt. Fuji and  Mt. Tateyama

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Different regions have their own traditional recipes and agricultural farming system. Many of the regional dishes can only be tasted in the original area they came from.

Kanazawa Curry

Kanazawa Curry is characterized by its thick curry sauce made from caramel. It is blackish, very thick and sweet, and rich in flavor. Kanazawa curry always has shredded cabbage on the side, served on stainless dishes, and the rice is fully covered with curry. (Image via Kaname-inn)

Snow Crab (Zuwaigani)

Of the seafood you can get in Ishikawa in particular, Snow Crab is seen as the best and most extravagant. Many ryokans around Japan will serve crab during the wintertime, and Kanazawa is blessed with an ocean nearby where you can get fresh crab for cheap.

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Whether this is your first time visiting, or returning, make sure to participate in these unique activities, that cannot be done elsewhere!

Kutani Porcelain Experience

Kutani Porcelain Experience

Kutani-ware is a vividly colored style of porcelain local to Ishikawa. Visitors can observe the production process from formatting to overglaze painting. Experience painting from a template or freehand. The kiln then fires the piece before sending it to its owner. (Image via Ishikawa Travel)

Gold Leaf Experience

Gold Leaf Experience

One of the symbols of Ishikawa is gold leaf, extremely thin leaves of gold used decoratively on handicrafts or ornaments. Several shops around Kanazawa let visitors see the gold leaf process and decorate their items, including chopsticks, small plates, and mirrors. (Image via Ishikawa Travel)

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AGORA Kanazawa

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