Welcome to Chiba! Chiba prefecture is well-known for being the home to Japan’s busiest international airport, Narita, and two Disney parks, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. Chiba Prefecture largely consists of the rural Bōsō Peninsula which is a popular resort destination for Tokyoites. It is also home to one of Japan’s largest industrial areas, especially the brewing industry such as soy sauce, sake, and mirin. Additionally, Chiba boasts Japan’s overall second-highest agricultural output (right behind Hokkaido). However, Chiba leads the nation in the production of several vegetables, such as peanuts, carrots, cabbage, daikon radish, negi, corn, and so on. Due to its strong commercial and industrial sectors, Chiba’s population is one of the wealthiest in Japan.


The prefectural capital, Chiba city, is also the largest city in the prefecture. In Chiba, you can find beautiful natural sceneries, modern large-scale shopping malls, world-class theme parks, historic quiet towns, and unique culture. The options are endless.

Chiba City

Well-known for its artificial beach and waterfront district


The site of Tokyo's international airport and other tourist attractions


Housing one of Japan's largest Buddhas, "hell pit", and Tokyo's major outlet mall

Bozo Peninsula

A scenic getaway famous for its pristine coastlines and ocean views

Tokyo Disneyland

A theme park based on Disney films 

Tokyo DisneySea

A fantasy theme park inspired by the myths and legends of the sea

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Different regions have their own traditional recipes and agricultural farming system. Many of the regional dishes can only be tasted in the original area they came from.


Futomaki is thick-rolled sushi that originated from the Boso region. It is thicker than regular sushi rolls, and often enjoyed as a delicacy during ceremonial occasions. The rolls are made into colorful patterned designs using fillings such as carrots, cucumbers, eggs, and designed in various shapes such as flower patterns, cute animals, as well as cartoon characters like Doraemon.

Katsuura Tantanmen

Tantanmen is a spicy noodle dish popular among the fishermen because the spicy soup is said to warm their bodies after they finished their morning work. Instead of using rich sesame paste in the soup like other tantanmen, the Katsuura version uses chili oil, sautéed onion, and minced meat with chili peppers. The dish has several unique variations including the noodles and soup separated for dipping and also as a fried noodle dish.

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Whether this is your first time visiting, or returning, make sure to participate in these unique activities, that cannot be done elsewhere!

Amusement Park

Amusement Park

In Chiba, you can experience exploring various theme parks from Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, Mother Farm (farmland with a wide variety of activities such as interaction with animals, amusement park rides, fruit picking, farm-fresh dairies, flower viewing), as well as Funabashi Andersen Park (sprawling Denmark-inspired park).



Chiba has various large-scale shopping facilities, from Sishui and Mitsui Premium Outlets, AEON malls, Ikspiari (close to Tokyo Disney Resort), to little Edo towns such as Sawara, and Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

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