Nagasaki Succinct Pilgrimage Tour

Your pilgrimage to a holy place in Japan is a very wise and serene journey. The trip that will be carried out together with friends and family will make the closeness of the brotherhood more meaningful. The history of Catholic travel in Japan is a very memorable journey, let’s visit historical places together with Hanatour Japan.

Ono Church, Nagasaki

Trip Type : Mono City

Activites : Pilgrimage Tour

Group Size : 15 – 45 Pax

Trip Duration : 3 Night(s) 4 Day(s)

Meals : Included ( As mentioned )

Highlight : Our Lady of Victory Cathedral / Urakami Cathredal / Shitsu Catholic Church


*Itinerary could be changed, depending on your request.

Day 1

Our Lady Victory Church, Fukuoka

Fukuoka City Tour

  • Our Lady of Victory Cathedral (Visit)
  • Ohori Park (Visit)
  • Tenjin (Shop)

Meals & Accomodations

Breakfast : Not Included

Lunch : Chicken Grilled

Dinner : Changko Nabe

Hotel : 3* Monterey Fukuoka

Day 2

Urakami Cathedral Nagasaki

Fukuoka – Nagasaki

  • Nagasaki Glover Garden
  • Oura Church
  • Urakami Cathredal
  • Nagasaki China Town ( Shop )

Meals & Accomodations

Breakfast : Hotel

Lunch : Teriyaki Chiken

Dinner : Sukiyaki Beef

Hotel : 3* Monterey Nagasaki

Day 3

Shitsu Catholic Church, Nagasaki

Nagasaki – Fukuoka

  • Shitsu Catholic Church
  • Shitsu Aid Center
  • Ono Church
  • Tosu Premium Outlet

Meals & Accomodations

Breakfast : Hotel

Lunch : Seafood Tempura

Dinner :

Hotel : 3* Monterey Fukuoka

Day 4

See you in another trip !


Airport Transfer


Meals & Accomodations

Breakfast : Hotel

Lunch : Not Included

Dinner : Not Included


Church Visit

Museum Visit

Below are our recommended destination visit

Our Lady Victory Church, Fukuoka
Our Lady Victory Church, Fukuoka

This statue was donated by the Church of Our Lady of Victories in Paris, the birthplace of Father E. Berer, who built the Red Brick Cathedral here in 1896 (Meiji 29), and is the same type as that of the church.
Today, at the entrance to the Daimyo Town Church, this statue of Mary was attached to the top of the altar in the old days of the Red Brick Cathedral and the Wooden Cathedral.

Urakami Cathedral Nagasaki

Urakami Cathedral Nagasaki

Urakami used to have a deep bay in the port of Nagasaki, so it was called Fukaeura, and since it is a region above the ura, it came to be called Urakami.
 Urakami was an Arima territory in a rural area adjacent to the northern part of the town of Nagasaki.

 From around 1567, when Christians were introduced to the town of Nagasaki, Christian missions were also carried out in Urakami, and in 1584, Harunobu Arima donated as a Jesuit’s place of knowledge to thank him for the victory of the Battle of Okitanawate. As a result, Urakami became a Christian village in both name and reality.

Shitsu Catholic Church, Nagasaki
Shitsu Catholic Church, Nagasaki

There used to be nearly 5,000 followers in the Sotome area, but the Omura domain was cracked down by the Edo Shogunate’s ban on religious affairs. However, the open sea was far from Omura Castle, and there were many hidden Christians in Izu and Kurosaki, including the relatively tolerant excursions of the Saga Domain.

Six months after the discovery of the believers in March 1865, Father Petitjean secretly visited Dezu by boat and met with the believers. At that time, there was persecution under the ban, but 200 households returned to Catholicism. Father de Rotz was assigned to Izu in 1879, and joined forces with his followers to complete the Izu Church in 1882. It is a wooden one-story house with a low roof to withstand the strong sea breeze, and the white plaster walls shine in the green of the mountains, and the neat appearance is beautiful. It was designated as a national important cultural property in 2011 as an early church designed by a foreign priest.

The priest also focused on philanthropy and established the Izutsu Rescue Center to encourage women to become independent. In 2012, it was selected as an important cultural landscape of the country as “Nagasaki City Sotome Stone Wall Landscape”.


**MICE plan Meals are depending on Request

Day 1

No Meals Included
Chicken Menchikatsu

Grilled chicken and minced-meat cutlet served with grilled fish, pickled vegetables, salad, miso soup and rice.

Chicken Chankonabe

Originally served to Sumo wrestlers only, this hotpot is served with more ingredients than other nabemono.

Day 2

Hotel Arrangement
Chicken Teriyaki

Pan-fried chicken glazed with teriyaki sauce, and served with salted kelp salad, seared salmon, grilled mackerel, rice, soup and dessert.


Thinly sliced beef cooked in a hotpot and dipped in raw, beaten eggs. Served with fried egg, side dish, local specialty, udon, salad, rice and miso soup.

Day 3

Hotel Arrangement
Seafood Tempura

Deep fried seafood and vegetable fritters (smelt-whiting, shrimp, sweet potato, pumpkin, shiitake) served with rice, Japanese pickles and miso soup.


Beef cooked on an iron griddle and served with half sized grilled fish, seasonal side dish, salad, rice and udon.


*Choose one type of hotel each day

Hotel Monterey Fukuoka

Kyushu’s commercial and entertainment hub, Fukuoka is often cited on international “Best of” lists for it’s culture, lifestyle and business climate. One of Japan’s oldest and largest cities, Fukuoka often feels like more of a cozy, friendly town than the lively, energetic city it actually is.

Transport / Luggage


  • Drivers’ working hours are regulated by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Driver’s daily working hours may not exceed 12 hours, including leaving/returning/standby time (average service hours: 08.00 – 20.00)
  • <10 pax use Hi-Ace (8 seats & 8 luggages);
  • <15 pax use Micro (15 seats & 15 luggages);
  • > 15 pax use Medium (25 seats & 25 luggages)
  • >20 pax use Large (45 seats & 36 luggages)

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  1. Accommodation & meal as mentioned (no pork)
  2. All transfers & admission as mentioned
  3. Indonesian speaking guide
  4. 2 mineral water/pax/day


  1. Single supplement charge
  2. Tipping for guide and driver
  3. Luggage transport service
  4. Wi-Fi Router
  5. Domestic air ticket
  6. Preholiday / High Season / New Year Holiday charge



  • Per person price on twin sharing basis with breakfast
  • Please kindly note that we may not always be able to accommodate your room request, as it depends on room availability at the respective hotel


  • CHD with Bed (2-6 years old)       : 100% tour fee
  • CHD without Bed (< 6 years old) : 50% tour fee
  • Infant (0-24 months)                      : Free (no bed; no meal)


  • Price is subject to change without prior notice due to hotel rate fluctuation
  • Itinerary may be altered or omitted depending on weather and road conditions
  • Booking confirmation subject to room availability. No reservation has been made at this moment
  • Booking and cancellation notice must be received 15 workdays or more prior to the starting date of the tour, during HANATOUR JAPAN office hours

***In relation to the COVID19 pandemic, there might be some unforeseen changes in the itinerary and pricing.



  • 15 or more workdays prior to arrival date – No charge
  • 7-14 workdays prior to the arrival date – 20% of tour fee
  • 0-6 workdays prior to the arrival date – 100% of tour fee


  • CHD with Bed (2-6 years old)       : 100% tour fee
  • CHD without Bed (< 6 years old) : 50% tour fee
  • Infant (0-24 months)                      : Free (no bed; no meal)


The availability status shown is based on availability at the time of request.
All requests are subject to first-come first-served basis.
Please note that no rooms are being held at this point of time.
Availability and rates are fluctuated until reservation is confirmed.


Send your request,
we will contact you within 24 hour(s) !

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