About indoor air conditioning of the large sightseeing bus “Hino Selega”

The large sightseeing bus “Hino S’elega” can replace the indoor air in about 5 minutes by taking in fresh air from the air conditioner in front of the vehicle and on the roof in the “outside air introduction mode”.

・ In “automatic operation mode”, it switches to “forced exhaust mode” when it detects air pollution in the room.
-Always ventilate by setting the defroster to “introduce outside air”.

How to operate the indoor air conditioning of the bus

In order to maximize the ventilation performance, we recommend that you use the following functions effectively.

・ Please use the outside air introduction mode of the air conditioner.

(By taking in outside air from the air conditioner in front of the rooftop and using it together with the defroster, the air inside the car will be replaced in about 5 minutes.)

・ Opening windows is very effective for ventilation inside the vehicle. Although it may be restricted due to weather conditions, we recommend opening as much as possible.

We have prepared a video to make effective use of the ventilation performance of the large sightseeing bus Gala. Please use it as a reference when operating.

(This video was taken under certain conditions. It may change depending on driving conditions, weather conditions, maintenance conditions, indoor conditions, etc.)

■ Operation method・ Switch the inside / outside air switch on the air conditioner control panel to “outside air”-Switch the inside / outside air changeover switch on the defroster control panel to “outside air introduction”.* In the “automatic operation mode” of the air conditioner, it switches to the “forced exhaust mode” when it detects dirt in the air inside the vehicle.

Correspondence to the new coronavirus new lifestyle of Mitsubishi Fuso sightseeing bus

As one of the new lifestyles for new corona virus countermeasures in the future, Mitsubishi Fuso will promote ventilation inside the bus by preventing “sealing” in the bus room when operating sightseeing buses and highway buses. “Introduction fixed operation” is recommended.

Normally, for indoor ventilation of large tour buses, forced exhaust (forced ventilation) and natural ventilation are set at the rear of the vehicle, and in the “automatic operation mode”, indoor circulation and outside air introduction are automatically switched to create a comfortable indoor environment.

We provide it. In the proposed “outside air introduction fixed operation”, the indoor air can be replaced in about 5 minutes. Furthermore, in the minibus, the air in the room can be replaced in about 6 to 7 minutes in the same way.

In addition, in the route bus, the air conditioner does not have an outside air introduction mode, but indoor ventilation is secured by ventilation when opening and closing the door when getting on and off, and it is enough to open some windows already implemented by each route bus operator. Ventilation performance is expected to improve.

[To bus operators] About air conditioning and ventilation inside the universe

We will explain how to operate the air conditioning and ventilation inside the bus to prevent the new coronavirus infection.

The universe ventilation system
introduced fresh outside air from the defroster section in front of the vehicle and the unit cooler installed at the top of the roof, and installed that air in the air outlet installed in the front of the vehicle and the ceiling behind the vehicle. It is
discharged from the ventilation fan .

If the air inside the vehicle is replaced by using the ventilation fan on the ceiling in the naturally aspirated state where the external air is not introduced by the electric fan , the air inside the vehicle can be replaced in about 7 minutes.

In addition, if the outside air is introduced using the electric fan of the defroster and the “forced ventilation” electric fan installed in the unit cooler,
and the exhaust is performed by the ventilation fan on the ceiling, the air inside the vehicle is much
shorter than in the case of naturally aspirated. It can be replaced in time (less than 7 minutes).

■ How to operate the ventilation inside the universe 

For naturally aspirated + ventilation fan only

  1. Switch the inside / outside air changeover switch on the driver’s seat air conditioning operation panel to [outside air introduction
  2. Switch the inside / outside air changeover switch on the passenger seat air conditioning operation panel to [outside air introduction]
  3. Switch the ventilation fan switch to [exhaust]

When performing forced ventilation (ventilation is possible in a short time)

  • Switch the inside / outside air changeover switch on the driver’s seat air conditioning operation panel to [Introduce outside air]
  • Maximize the air volume (4 levels) with the air volume adjustment switch (▲ ▼) on the driver’s seat air conditioning operation panel
  • Inside / outside air on the passenger seat air conditioning operation panel Switch the changeover switch to [Introduce outside air]
  • Maximize the air volume (4 steps) with the air volume adjustment switch ( ) on the passenger seat air conditioning operation panel
  • Switch the ventilation fan changeover switch to [Exhaust]

Guideline for new coronavirus in chartered buses

Expert meeting on measures against new coronavirus infection “Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection”
In “Situation Analysis / Recommendations” (May 4, 2020), “Prevention of the spread of infection in the future”
In order to balance socio-economic activities, we will provide it especially to businesses.
It is necessary to consider and implement specific infection prevention for each service situation.
Since there are various industries in society and the risk of infection is different,
Industry groups, etc. take the lead in sharing good practices not only in the same industry but also in other industries.
Create guidelines to prevent the spread of infection for each industry, including those of other people,
Make this popular, and do your own ingenuity while doing trial and error in the field.
I strongly request that you practice it. It has just been said.

In response to this, “Production of guidelines for each industry, etc.” in the recommendations of the expert meeting
While paying attention to “examples of basic ideas and points to keep in mind”, etc.
It is said that the immediate measures until the epidemic of coronavirus infection is over are summarized.
It’s about time.
There are various possible forms of travel using chartered buses, but this guide
The line is considered necessary after trying to prevent the spread of infection and balance socio-economic activities.
This is an example of the measures to be taken, and each business operator follows this guideline.
Measures will be taken.
Also, considering the ventilation performance of the bus, the bus is sufficiently cheap against corona infection.
We will publicize that it is a complete vehicle to users and the general public.

In addition, this guideline is written by experts on the prevention of the latest new coronavirus.
Make necessary revisions based on knowledge, user requests, acceptance environment on the business side, etc.
To go.

When making a roll call, the operation manager pays particular attention to the following items.

(1) Confirmation and handling of matters related to crew members

  • Health check at the time of roll call (report and confirmation of body temperature, presence of cold symptoms, etc., health Check sheet)
  • Waiting at home when confirming fever, cough, etc.
  • Confirmation of reliable implementation of infection prevention measures such as wearing masks and enforcing hand washing
  • Crew by health checklist
  • Disinfection of alcohol detector

(2) Confirmation and countermeasures for infection prevention measures in the vehicle

  • Confirmation of in-vehicle disinfection carried out by the company before the roll call
  • Confirmation of infection prevention measures in the driver’s seat and enforcement of wearing crew gloves
  • Check the installation of disinfectant, cleaning and disinfecting tools, etc.
  • Confirmation of spare installation of masks and disposable gloves for crew members

(3) Measures to be taken by the operation manager

  • Ensuring an appropriate distance between the operation manager and the driver
  • Wearing masks for operation managers, washing hands before and after roll calls, etc.

Do this when the bus is in operation, paying particular attention to the following: Also, users
As a general rule, travel agencies request users to cooperate with us.
Please come.

(1) When getting on and off

1. Correspondence of bus company

  • Regarding the following points, request cooperation from users by announcements in the car, etc.
    • Wearing a mask and refraining from talking are prohibited in principle for loud conversations.
    • Disinfection of fingers when boarding and re-boarding
    • When getting off, leave the seats in sequence so that you cannot stand in the aisle if necessary
  • Around the driver’s seat, keeping a certain distance from the user or paying attention to ventilation, for example.
  • Prevention of close contact by partitioning etc.
  • Equipment for disinfectant
  • If possible, use multiple handrails, etc. when getting off the user, at the discretion of the site.
  • Disinfection of areas that people may come into contact with
  • Disinfection of fingers after getting on and off support for users
  • Wearing masks and gloves when handing over baggage, etc.

2. Correspondence of travel agency

  • Before departure, manage the physical condition of the user (body temperature, physical condition check), fever and infection
  • Please refrain from participating in the trip for users (*) who are suspected of having
  • Please Close contact with infected persons, immigration restrictions by the government within the past 14 days, or observation period after entry
  • Includes travel to countries / regions that require time and close contact with residents of the countries / regions.

3. Request for cooperation from users

  • Request cooperation for the following measures through a travel agency
  • Disinfection of the user’s hands when boarding and re-boarding
  • Divided into small groups when boarding so that users do not stay in the aisle
  • Sequential departure from seats when getting on and off
  • If a travel participant is diagnosed as positive for the new coronavirus, a travel agency
  • Ask the user to contact.
  • The travel agency provides contact information for travel participants or contractors in case of an infected person.
  • Store information for at least one month.

(2) Bus is in operation (General, in-car ventilation)

  1. Correspondence of bus company
  • Thorough wearing a mask when driving (including when making announcements in the car)
  • Based on the use of air conditioners in the outside air ventilation mode, with the cooperation of users
  • Thorough ventilation inside the vehicle by opening the windows at any time according to the judgment of the site
  • PR to users that the ventilation capacity inside the bus is sufficient (by video distribution, etc.)

2. Guide support

  • Thorough wearing a mask, including at the time of announcement
  • Make efforts to make announcements, such as facing forward as much as possible.

3. Request for cooperation from users

  • Through the travel agency, request the cooperation of the user for the following measures.
  • Wearing a mask while riding
  • Refrain from conversation, especially loud conversation in principle

(User service)

  1. Correspondence of bus company
    • For matters listed as user services that should request cooperation for prohibition, etc. in (2)
    • Please ask the travel agency to request the cooperation of the users.
    • Disseminate prohibited items to users with leaflets installed in the car.
    • Aim
    • Take breaks in SA, PA, etc. as long as possible (request cooperation from a travel agency)
    • When collecting garbage in the car, wear a mask and disposable gloves and take it home in principle
    • If you have to throw away the trash, wash your hands and disinfect it thoroughly.
  2. Request for cooperation from users
    • Request the cooperation of the user from the travel agency for the following matters.
    • Consideration regarding seat position and wearing a mask
    • Avoid eating and drinking in the car as much as possible, especially drinking alcohol and talking loudly.
    • Prohibition as a general rule, use of karaoke and eating, drinking and chatting at salon seats are prohibited
    • For vehicles with a toilet, wash after closing the lid of the toilet bowl.
    • Put garbage in an etiquette bag and take it home in principle. It is unavoidable to dispose of garbage
    • Even if you do, wash your hands carefully and disinfect your hands.
  1. Return roll call
    • Be sure to check your health for symptoms such as fever, cough, and dyspnea.
  2. Car disinfection and cleaning
    • Around the driver’s seat, paying close attention to the handrails and other areas that users frequently touch.
    • Others Clean and disinfect the inside of the car, disinfect curtains by spraying disinfectant
    • (Note) As a general rule, cleaning and disinfection of the inside of the car is carried out for each work, but handrails, etc.
    • Wherever possible, on-site judgment of places that users frequently touch As needed
    • Thorough wearing of masks and disposable gloves when cleaning
    • Ventilation inside the car by opening windows, etc.
    • Wear a mask and rubber gloves when cleaning the toilet of a vehicle with a toilet.
    • Enforce hand washing and hand disinfection after using common equipment such as in-vehicle inspection tools
  3. Prevention of infection during accommodation
    • Thorough disinfection of hands and finger
    • Health check during stay (health check sheet for body temperature, cold symptoms, etc.)
    • Cancellation of flight due to poor physical condition
    • Thorough behavior management such as avoiding unnecessary going out

If any of the users and crew members are in poor physical condition, a normal accident or death or injury may occur.
We will take measures while paying attention to the following points, based on emergency response such as the occurrence of a person


  • Development of emergency contact system for sales offices, etc.
    • The crew will respond by contacting the sales office (operation manager) and giving instructions.
  • Thorough disinfection of contact points
  • Privacy protection for infected people

(User’s physical condition)

  • Respond according to the instructions of the operation manager
  • Thorough wearing of masks and disposable gloves when dealing with users, hand washing after dealing with users Thoroughness
  • Arrange for ambulances depending on the situation

(The crew is in poor physical condition)

  • Thorough contact with the operation manager in case of fever during flight or poor physical condition and cancellation of flight
  • Wearing a mask, disinfecting hands, drinking alcohol, karaoke, loud conversation, etc. are prohibited.
  • The leaflet contains items that ask the user to cooperate, such as refraining from eating and drinking.
  • Therefore, we will make it known to users by installing it in the car.
  • Especially considering the ventilation performance of the bus, the bus is sufficient against corona infection.
  • While making use of leaflets and videos to make sure that it is a safe vehicle
  • Fully publicize to users and the general public.

Chartered bus travel liaison committee members (in no particular order)

  • Nihon Bus Association
  • Japan Association of Travel Agents
  • All Nippon Travel Agents Association