A Compendious Education Trip Okinawa

Are you tired of busy Japan? want to experience another side of japan? let’s visit Okinawa! How fresh is the wind from the beach that blows hard. you will hear the sound of seagulls throughout your trip to Okinawa! Tropical fruits and warm beach sand will add to the feeling of warmth for you and your family while on vacation. a short time is certainly enough to get through. Come visit Okinawa with us.

Yanbaru Okinawa Dino Park

Trip Type : Mono City

Activites : Education Trip

Group Size : 15 – 45 Pax

Trip Duration : 3 Night(s) 4 Day(s)

Meals : Included ( As mentioned )

Highlight : Churaumi Aquarium / Okinawa World / Shuri Castle / Dino Ppark


*Itinerary could be changed, depending on your request.

Day 1

Oceanarium in Okinawa

Naha – Nago – Naha

  • Pineaplle Park
  • Ocean Expo Park
  • Churaumi Aquarium

Meals & Accomodations

Breakfast : Not Included

Lunch : Chicken Grilled

Dinner : Changko Nabe

Hotel : 4* Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort

Day 2

Okinawa Perfectural Museum and Art Museum

Naha City Tour

  • Okinawa World
  • Okinawa Perfectural Museum and Art Museum
  • Makishi Public Market

Meals & Accomodations

Breakfast : Hotel

Lunch : Teriyaki Chiken

Dinner : Sukiyaki Beef

Hotel : 4* Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort

Day 3

Dino Park, Okinawa

Naha City tour

  • Dino Park Okinawa
  • Shuri Castle
  • Kokusai Street

Meals & Accomodations

Breakfast : Hotel

Lunch : Seafood Tempura

Dinner :

Hotel : 4* Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort

Day 4

See you in another trip !


Airport Transfer


Meals & Accomodations

Breakfast : Hotel

Lunch : Not Included

Dinner : Not Included


Museum Visit

Museum Visit

Below are our recommended destination visit

Churaumi Aquarium
Churaumi Aquarium

The aquarium introduces you to the mystery of Okinawa’s marine creatures, starting with the naturally lit Coral Sea tank, which exhibits a large selection of coral reef. Next is the enormous, dynamic Kuroshio Sea tank, where you can observe the world’s biggest fish as well as whale sharks and manta rays, which, in a world first, the aquarium has succeeded in breeding. And as you go deeper into the aquarium, you will encounter the Deep Sea tank, in which the which the mysterious deep sea of Okinawa is reproduced, allowing you to experience Okinawa’s entire underwater world.

Okinawa Perfectural Museum and Art Museum
Okinawa Perfectural Museum and Art Museum

A key mission of this museum is to continue to meet the needs of the future by promoting and deepening understanding of Okinawa’s distinctive nature, history and culture through research, exhibition and diffusion activities. Through research, collection, preservation and exhibition activities related to resources of Asia and the Pacific with their deep ties to Okinawa we will promote cultural interchange in this age of internationalization.

Yanbaru Okinawa Dino Park

Yanbaru Okinawa Dino Park

Dino Park, Yanbaru Subtropical Forest are more than 80 Dino Park, Yanbaru Subtropical Forest.
There are a wide variety of dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus familiar with the Jurassic Park logo, long brachiosaurus of the neck, and so on.
When you walk in The park, you can hear the cries of the dinosaurs, and the power of the dinosaurs moving in the virgin forest makes the heart excitement and adventurous hearts tickle.
The promenade is well-maintained and the sun peppered through the trees that are tall in subtropical trees is comfortable, so even if you go for a walk you will be healed by the great nature.
Dinosaur eggs etc are also hidden in the trees, so why not try looking.


**MICE plan Meals are depending on Request

Day 1

No Meals Included
Chicken Menchikatsu

Grilled chicken and minced-meat cutlet served with grilled fish, pickled vegetables, salad, miso soup and rice.

Chicken Chankonabe

Originally served to Sumo wrestlers only, this hotpot is served with more ingredients than other nabemono.

Day 2

Hotel Arrangement
Chicken Teriyaki

Pan-fried chicken glazed with teriyaki sauce, and served with salted kelp salad, seared salmon, grilled mackerel, rice, soup and dessert.


Thinly sliced beef cooked in a hotpot and dipped in raw, beaten eggs. Served with fried egg, side dish, local specialty, udon, salad, rice and miso soup.

Day 3

Hotel Arrangement
Seafood Tempura

Deep fried seafood and vegetable fritters (smelt-whiting, shrimp, sweet potato, pumpkin, shiitake) served with rice, Japanese pickles and miso soup.


Beef cooked on an iron griddle and served with half sized grilled fish, seasonal side dish, salad, rice and udon.


*Choose one type of hotel each day

Source: © Hotel Monterey Group
Hotel Monterey Okinawa

A hotel with ocean views in all guest rooms facing Okinawa’s leading beach “Tiger Beach”. There are 4 pools, such as a wave pool where you can experience the stimulus of comfortable waves and a pool exclusively for kids. There are plenty of healing spaces such as beauty treatment salons, massages, sports gyms and karaoke rooms. In the adjoining garden, tropical flowers and fruit trees are skillfully arranged to make the party gorgeous, and the chapel with an ocean view creates a hot start for the two of you along with the blue sea.

Transport / Luggage


  • Drivers’ working hours are regulated by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Driver’s daily working hours may not exceed 12 hours, including leaving/returning/standby time (average service hours: 08.00 – 20.00)
  • <10 pax use Hi-Ace (8 seats & 8 luggages);
  • <15 pax use Micro (15 seats & 15 luggages);
  • > 15 pax use Medium (25 seats & 25 luggages)
  • >20 pax use Large (45 seats & 36 luggages)

More info about The Coach Click Here

Please find the Covid-19 Measures here



  1. Accommodation & meal as mentioned (no pork)
  2. All transfers & admission as mentioned
  3. Indonesian speaking guide
  4. 2 mineral water/pax/day


  1. Single supplement charge
  2. Tipping for guide and driver
  3. Luggage transport service
  4. Wi-Fi Router
  5. Domestic air ticket
  6. Preholiday / High Season / New Year Holiday charge



  • Per person price on twin sharing basis with breakfast
  • Please kindly note that we may not always be able to accommodate your room request, as it depends on room availability at the respective hotel


  • CHD with Bed (2-6 years old)       : 100% tour fee
  • CHD without Bed (< 6 years old) : 50% tour fee
  • Infant (0-24 months)                      : Free (no bed; no meal)


  • Price is subject to change without prior notice due to hotel rate fluctuation
  • Itinerary may be altered or omitted depending on weather and road conditions
  • Booking confirmation subject to room availability. No reservation has been made at this moment
  • Booking and cancellation notice must be received 15 workdays or more prior to the starting date of the tour, during HANATOUR JAPAN office hours

***In relation to the COVID19 pandemic, there might be some unforeseen changes in the itinerary and pricing.



  • 15 or more workdays prior to arrival date – No charge
  • 7-14 workdays prior to the arrival date – 20% of tour fee
  • 0-6 workdays prior to the arrival date – 100% of tour fee


  • CHD with Bed (2-6 years old)       : 100% tour fee
  • CHD without Bed (< 6 years old) : 50% tour fee
  • Infant (0-24 months)                      : Free (no bed; no meal)


The availability status shown is based on availability at the time of request.
All requests are subject to first-come first-served basis.
Please note that no rooms are being held at this point of time.
Availability and rates are fluctuated until reservation is confirmed.


Send your request,
we will contact you within 24 hour(s) !

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