Fuji-Q Highland Live Inspection

Journey to Fuji-Q Highland


  • Fumitaka Yamashita (Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. Bangkok Office)
  • Andry Yudha Kusumah (HanaTour Japan Indonesia Office)

Live from Japan

  • Sayo Ito (Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office)
  • Rina Furukawa (Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office)

On Tuesday, 25th May 2021, HanaTour Japan Indonesia Office and Fujikyuko collaborated on holding an interactive discussion and a real-time inspection in Fuji-Q Highland and Lisa and Gaspard Town, Yamanashi, Japan. The webinar lasted close to two hours and was conducted in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. A total of 79 participants joined the seminar, which consists of partners in travel agencies and tourism organizations. Partakers are from all over Indonesia, notably from Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Bali, and Makassar. The event was officially kicked off with a short welcoming speech from Mr Yudha, followed by an introductory to Fujikyuko company by Mr Yamashita, live inspection in Fuji-Q Highland and a lucky draw. Questions are welcomed throughout the seminar, and answers are immediately given. At the end of it, Mr Yudha spun our very own wheel of fortune to pick out five lucky winners that will be eligible to receive Fuji-Q merchandises. Scroll down to see how the convention went and get the downloadable files!

Fujikyuko Company Group Presentation

Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. was founded about 95 years ago; engaging in the tourism and transportation industry around the Mount Fuji area. The company operated an amusement park, flower gardens, trains, local buses, pleasure boats, ropeways, hotels, golf courses and many others

Shining Flower Ferris Wheel

These sightseeing spots are easily accessible by trains and direct coaches. When a question was raised, it is revealed that most participants have known Fuji-Q Highland but have never been there. Due to the generic group tour’s itinerary, some partakers went directly to Subaru Line 5th Station and passed through the area around Fuji-Q. Also, some of the participants are noted to know about the anime Naruto and excited to see it live.

Commitment during COVID-19 Pandemic

It has become the goal of Fujikyuko Group to ensure their transportation and sightseeing spots provide a comfortable, safe environment for customers and employees. The facilities are kept clean, hygienic, and thoroughly ventilated. Hand sanitizers are available everywhere and staff’s health is closely monitored. Fujikyu’s buses and trains are disinfected using ozone generators after an operation and during stand-by. The air inside the coaches is replaced every 5 minutes to ensure fresh, clean air. Inside the amusement parks, things are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Live Inspection from Fuji-Q Highland

Live Streaming Sequence
Live Inspection

Live Streaming Sequence

  1. Start from Group Arrival Bus parking lot
  2. Fujiyama Tower (under construction)
  3. Temperature measurement area and go through “Shop Fujiyama” (Recommend Souvenir)
  4. Lisa and Gaspard Town (Flower Garden)
  5. Entrance gate: Ticketing & Experience Facial Recognition System
  6. Entrance procedure (With Covid19 prevention)
  7. Restaurant “Food Stadium” (Explain Covid19 Prevention + meal option)
  8. NARUTO×BORUTO area (photo spot, souvenir shop, and noodle shop)
  9. Prayer Room
  10. Finish

The real-time streaming from Fuji-Q was conducted by Sayo-san who speaks Bahasa Indonesia fluently and Rina-san as the camerawoman. It was around less than 20 degrees in Yamanashi, we could hear the sound of roller coasters in the background. Sayo-san led us from the parking lot to a spot for a group picture. We could see that COVID-19 preventive measures are in place with hand sanitizers, as well as mask and temperature check. The participants were shown Fuji-Q’s many spectacular rides that have been awarded by Guinness World Records.

Although it was a bit cloudy in Yamanashi, we could still view a faded Mount Fuji. Participants were also led to Naruto x Boruto Fuji Hidden Leaf Village; a theme park inspired by a popular ninja anime, Naruto. Guests can take pictures with life-size figures from Naruto’s characters. In addition, this village also houses many restaurants and a mushola (prayer room).

Most asked questions and answers:

  1. When will the Japan border open? Hopefully soon after the Olympics, but no confirmation has been given. Additionally, even after vaccinations, PCR results will still be required.
  2. Are all the attractions of Fuji-Q enjoyed in one pass or several passes tailored with guests choices? Fuji-Q is free to enter. Guests only need to do facial recognition prior to entering the park. However, if they want to ride any attraction (roller coaster, etc) or buy any meal, they will have to pay accordingly.
  3. How many rides altogether in Fuji-Q? How long is the best duration to enjoy the rides? There are a total of 40 attractions. Half-day is enough to enjoy some rides and explore the park.

Lucky Draw

At the end of the seminar, five lucky winners out of 50-68 participants who stayed until the end are picked out. They will be given merchandises from Fuji-Q which consist of Mt Fuji Mask Case, plastic fan, clear file folders, plastic bags, paper coasters and pocket tissues. Congratulations!

If you want to join us in the next event, drop us an email at world@hanatourjapan.com and state your name and agency. See you soon!

Lucky Draw

Downloaded file

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