Fuji-Q Highland

Amusement Park in the Fuji foot surrounded by nature, Fuji-Q Highland. Currently, the park has been certified to the world record, “the world” of Attraction With a lot of, you can enjoy a variety of play facilities with views of Mount Fuji. Regardless of age or sex, you can enjoy this amusement park throughout the day!

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About Fuji-Q Highland

In 1969, Fuji-Q Highland started its history as an amusement park located at the foot of Mt. Fuji surrounded by the magnificent nature. It was a grand opening of an amusement park business of Fujikyu Corp. Currently, there are nearly 40 kinds of attractions in the park, many attractions are certified as Guinness world record, and you can enjoy a various amusement while watching Mt. Fuji. In the park, There is a “Thomas Land” that the only outdoors Thomas and Friends-themed park in Japan, also a there is a theme park ” La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa ” The world’s first them park of the France-born, popular picture book characters, Gaspard and Lisa. Whether old or young, men or women, it will be enjoyable, no matter what you are looking for.

Scary rides are not the only things that are interesting. Since its opening, we have had dynamic events as our selling points. They started out as “Big Flying Circus” or “Big Automobile Circus”, and “Rock Kids” in 1989 and “American Kids” in 1990 were a turning point to musical events, and now we are having “Sound Conifer229”, which is entertaining a lot of people.

In order for a lot of people to enjoy, Fuji-Q Highland values seasonal events and, at the same time, aims to improve as an amusement park that is entertaining for all the generations throughout the year.​ ​


The official mascot on Fuji-Q Highland, as you all know, is Screaming Squadron Highlander! It consists of six members, “Eejanaika Red”, “FUJIYAMA Blue”, “DODONPA Pink”, “Tondemina Green”, “Nagashimasuka Yellow” and “Takabisha Gold”, and they call themselves “heroes”, just disturbing the peace in the park day and night.

If you are thinking that they are heroes, it is a big mistake. Their line is “Do not think we are on the side of justice”. They are going Fuji-Q Highland whimsically and wandering around the park. According to what people say, “unwilling heroes” are not seeking smiles of everyone in the park but their screams. Even if someone is in trouble, they will not help you. It is an ugly “Jukker” army that protects the peace within the park. Their boss is “Jukai alien”. He brings the justice and is a leader who makes every guest in the park peaceful. All of the Jukkers are also all good people.​ ​

Screaming Squadron Highlander vs. Jukkers! The battle of the Jukker army to wipe out Screaming Squadron Highlander, who disturbs the peace within the park, has only just begun. They are everywhere. If you see them in the park, I promise that you will be happy all the time. Also, There are 40 kinds of “LINE stamp” are available on LINE.

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Recommended Areas

  • La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa
  • Fujiyama Tower
  • Thomas Land
  • Naruto × Boruto Fuji Hidden Leaf Village

The world's first theme park for the popular French-born picture book character "Lisa and Gaspard". The Eiffel Tower and the flowering fountain garden spread out, and the illuminations shine at night. This area is adjacent to the Fuji-Q Highland No. 1 entrance, and is an area where anyone can easily stop by, with attractions, cafes, and shops lined up.

In the summer of 2021, "FUJIYAMA Tower", a spectacular observatory with a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, will appear. The spectacular view of Mt. Fuji from a height of 55m is truly spectacular. Screaming entertainment such as "FUJIYAMA Walk" and "FUJIYAMA Slider". About 1 minute from Kawaguchiko IC on the Chuo Expressway. Please look forward to the new tourist attraction "FUJIYAMA Tower" on Mt. Fuji.

"Thomas Land", the only outdoor theme park of Thomas the Tank Engine in Japan, located in Fuji-Q Highland Park. It can be used with confidence by families with young children, pregnant customers, and customers of all three generations. In addition to 11 types of attractions, there are restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. in the park that you can enjoy all day long. There are plenty of nursing rooms and toilets for children, so dads and moms can rest assured!

July 26, 2019, Fuji-Q Highland popular ninja anime "Naruto- Naruto -" and Theme Park Area “ BORUTO Naruto NEXT GENERATIONS” “ Naruto × BORUTO FUJI Hidden Leaf Village ” opens. Experience the world of Ninja that Bolts live in!


  • Thrill Rides
  • Horrors
  • Challenges
  • Family Rides
  • Manga Characters

For more attractions, please go to the official website.

For more attraction please go to the official website.

Other Informations

  • Admission
  • Business hours
  • Maps
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Safety Measures

Admission Ticket

If you are only in the entrance, please purchase a free entry ticket at the window.

For each attraction ticket, please check the official website.

Park Operation Calendar

▲ means temporary closure of park facilities after 3pm.
△ means temporary closure of park facilities before 12pm.
Attraction of operations may be subject to discontinuation without notice.
For strong wind, rain, snow, frost, machine maintenance, etc., it may be canceled or the start may be delayed without prior notice.
If you exceed the boarding capacity during Business hours, the boarding will be restricted.
Please note that Business hours may change without notice due to congestion.
Please note that we do not refund 1-day pass or admission tickets in any case.


Park Maps

Group reservations are available in Bouhoutei Restaurant. And there are at least 25 restaurants and kiosks available, find out in details on their official website.


For more shops, please click HERE. Or you can check their official online store HERE.

About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases:

  • Temperature measurement and hand disinfection at the time of admission are mandatory. They will also check your physical condition. Please note that customers who have a fever (Fuji-Q Highland staff has measured the temperature above 37.5 ° C) will not be allowed to enter the park.

  • Visitors are required to wear a mask (2 years old and over). Please note that they will refuse admission for customers who do not have it.

  • 3 In order to avoid denseness (dense / close / closed), admission may be restricted.

  • Depending on the facility, windows in two or more directions are open for ventilation. They appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • Please cooperate in securing the interpersonal distance with a queue of 2m (minimum 1m) as a guide.

  • Alcohol disinfectants are installed at each facility. Thank you for your cooperation infrequent handwashing (washing carefully with water and soap for about 30 seconds) and alcohol disinfection.

  • Please note that the following customers will not be allowed to enter the park.
    ・ Customers who are not feeling well
    ・ Customers who have a fever
    ・ Symptoms of mild cold such as sore throat/cough, customers who have symptoms such as vomiting/diarrhea
    ・ Customers who can not cooperate with temperature measurement/hand disinfection / mask-wearing
    ・ New coronavirus Customers who have close contact with people who have been requested to have an infectious disease
    ・Customerswho are suspected of having an infection by their family members or close acquaintances
    ・Immigration restrictions by the government within the past 14 days, and an observation agency after the entry is required Customers who have traveled to countries, regions, etc. and have close contact with the resident

  • The rules regarding measures against new coronavirus infections are subject to change due to government policy.

  • If you do not follow the staff's instructions regarding infectious disease control, or if the staff sees a customer who is not feeling well during your visit, you may be asked to leave the park.

  • If you leave the park, they will not refund any fees paid after you enter the park. 



Fujiyama - King of Coasters ONSEN

Access: 500 m (2 minutes by car)

Fujiyama - King of Coasters MUSEUM

Access: 750 m (2 minutes by car)

Access: 3,7 km (9 minutes by car)

Access: 5,6 km (11 minutes by car)

Access: 7,7 km (12 minutes by car)

Access: 9,6 km (15 minutes by car)

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