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Kyoto Station is a convenient gateway to Kyoto’s sightseeing spots, as well as other major cities in Japan. More than a major transport hub, Kyoto Station is also a destination. The building’s futuristic design and modern atmosphere aesthetic stand in perfect contrast to many foreign tourists’ image of Kyoto as the capital of traditional Japan. There are two sides to Kyoto Station: Karasuma and Hachijo. The busier Karasuma side to the north faces downtown and is named after the main street leading downtown. The main bus terminal is located on the Karasuma side, as are many hotels, shops, and Kyoto Tower. The calmer Hachijo side to the south provides access to a few more hotels, Toji Temple, and some more highway bus stops. Besides the station facilities, the building’s 15 floors offer several other attractions and conveniences including the Granvia Hotel, an art museum, a theater, and a vast array of shopping and dining options.

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Isetan Department Store

Occupying 13 stories in the western portion of the Kyoto station building, the high-end Japanese department store offers fashion, clothing, and brand goods, but you can also find interior goods (8th floor), sportswear, jewelry and kimonos (9th floor), and stationery and souvenirs (10th floor). On the 11th floor is the Eat Paradise restaurant section and the two basement floors hold bustling food markets. They are the best high-end supermarket in the Kyoto Station Area. Foreign visitors are entitled to claim back tax they have paid on their purchases at the Tax-free counter on the 3rd floor. (Image via Kyoto 

Activities: Shopping Fee: None Time required: Minimum 1 hour

Porta Underground Shopping Mall

Porta is an underground shopping mall that occupies the space directly beneath Kyoto Bus Station and connects with Kyoto Subway Station. Porta has roughly 100 shops and restaurants and is divided into two main sections: a west area and an east area. The east area is largely given over to souvenir and food shops. In the west area, fashion boutiques predominate, but you can find a variety of other shops and services too. Porta Dining is also on the west side of the mall and this is where the bulk of the restaurants are located. (Image via Kyoto

Activities: Shopping Fee: None Time required: Minimum 1 hour

The Cube Shopping Mall

The Cube is a shopping mall occupying three floors on the northwest side of the station building. On the first floor and first basement floor (B1), you will find Kyoto confectionery and souvenir shops. This is a very handy area for picking up souvenirs unique to Kyoto before you depart for your next destination. On the second basement floor (B2) are ladies' fashion boutiques and cosmetics stores. Some of the restaurants on the building's 11th floor are also considered part of The Cube. (Image via Kyoto 

Activities: Shopping Fee: None Time required: Minimum 1 hour

Skyway Tunnel

The Skyway tunnel allows visitors to walk the length of Kyoto Station. From East Square, you can access the Skyway tunnel which leads you across the top of the building above the central hall and into the restaurant area on the 11th floor of the building’s west wing. The views along the way are spectacular. On the 15th floor of the west wing of the building is the Sky Garden & Happy Terrace. It is a pleasant spot in which to rest and enjoy spectacular views over the city. (Image via Kyoto

Activities: Photo stop, walking Fee: None Time required: Minimum 1 hour

Nearby Areas

Source: © CanvaKyoto Railway Museum in Kyoto’s newest museum and the biggest railway museum in Japan with a diverse range of exhibits dedicated to Japan’s rich history of railroad innovation. Inside the museum, you can find 53 railway vehicles, a giant railway diorama, steam locomotive rides, and a train operating simulator.

Source: © CanvaA cheerful beacon of 1960’s optimism, Kyoto Tower stands at 131 meters high from its base to the tip of its spire, and it is the tallest structure in Kyoto. At its base is the Kyoto Tower Building, a simple nine-story block that holds restaurants, shops, a hotel, a tourist information center, and a public spa. On Level 3 is the Sky Lounge bar and on Level 5 is the Observation Deck. The Observation Deck is open to visitors 365 days a year and offers sweeping views over the entire city and most of its major landmarks.

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