Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower

Located in Osaka, Standard Twin Room (15 m²) is available here. This hotel offer kind of buffet for breakfast.

Art Hotel Osaka Bay tower is one of the associate hotels of Universal Studios Japan. This hotel also allows you to enjoy a dynamic view from 200 meters above ground. With 51 floors, the hotel has earned high praise for its beauty as one of the foremost sights of the Osaka night sky. Directly connected to Bentencho Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line and the Osaka Metro, it is conveniently located within a short distance of Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Osaka Port, Sakishima and more.

Featuring 383 guestrooms equipped with modern amenities, guests are invited to come and relax within the grounds of this spacious hotel. The beauty of Hotel Osaka Bay tower can be found through its willingness to center guests’ experiences around comfort and convenience. All rooms include TVs and broadband internet. Enjoy the elegant cocktail lounge with loved ones over a drink before heading out to discover Osaka’s vibrant center. This hotel has long been a favorite in Osaka for both business and leisure travelers due to its convenient location and warm, attentive service. Please enter your dates on our secure online booking form to make a reservation at Hotel Osaka Bay tower.

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Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower

Address: 1 Chome-2-1 Benten, Minato Ward, Osaka, 552-0007, Japan| Tel: +81 6-6577-1111 | Hotel Official Website |




Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

  • Initiatives at the front desk
  • ・ Acrylic board is installed on the front to prevent virus infection due to droplets.
  • ・ To reduce the density, reduce the number of simultaneous receptions and keep the distance between customers and employees.
  • ・ Disinfection of front equipment such as ballpoint pens and desk mats
  • ・ Customers offer fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, cold-like symptoms, and respiratory symptoms (cough, etc.) during their stay.
  • If this happens, contact the health center immediately and take appropriate measures under the direction of the health center.
  • Initiatives in guest rooms
  • ・ Sterilization and cleaning in the guest room, installation of disposable slippers in the guest room, ventilation every time in the guest room
  • Efforts at restaurants and banquet halls
  • ・ Alcohol disinfectant is installed in the facility, and ventilation is provided by a 24-hour ventilation system.
  • ・ Reduced density by arranging seats to maintain a certain distance and limiting the number of people and time
  • ・ In the buffet style restaurant, change food tongs, ladles, etc. regularly.
  • Efforts in common areas in the building
  • ・ Regular items and places where an unspecified number of people directly touch, such as handrails, doorknobs, and elevator buttons
  • Disinfection, installation of disinfectant solution in the toilet
  • Efforts by employees
  • ・ Hand washing, alcohol disinfection, wearing a mask, thorough cough etiquette, daily temperature measurement management
  • Request to customers
  • ・ Thank you for your cooperation in hand washing, alcohol disinfection, and thorough cough etiquette.
  • ・ At check-in, when entering a restaurant, before using a banquet or meeting, everyone should be measured by a non-contact thermometer.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.
  • ・ At check-in, we ask all guests to cooperate in verifying their identity with an ID card.
  • ・ Accurate information on the guest list in order to cooperate with the health center to grasp the situation regarding guests such as epidemiological surveys.
  • Thank you for your cooperation in filling out the form.
  • ・ If you have a fever and respiratory symptoms (cough, etc.), be sure to inform the front desk. When there is an offer
  • Will promptly contact the health center from the hotel and take appropriate measures under the direction of the health center.
  • ・ In order to secure route information in the event of an infected person, at the restaurant and banquet floor, “Osaka Corona Tracking System”
  • Please register for “Stem”.
  • ・ From the Japan Tourism Agency, group trips for young people, group trips for the elderly who are prone to becoming seriously ill, and trips with large banquets are generally
  • It was announced that it is desirable to refrain from doing so because it is considered to be a high risk. On the applicable trip
  • Furthermore, we ask that you take steady infection prevention measures and implement them appropriately.

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You can enjoy the scenery of Osaka from your bedroom window. A strong, lively view during the day. A bright, glistening view at night. Enjoy a refreshing break as you look out over the many different faces of Osaka’s cityscape.

Standard Semi Double Room, | Room Size: 15 ㎡ | Bed Size : 1200 mm x 1 unit| Capacity: Up 2 people |
Standard Double Room, | Room Size: 17 ㎡ | Bed Size : 1400mm x 1 unit| Capacity: Up to 2 people |
Standard Twin Room, | Room Size: 18 ㎡ | Bed Size : 1100×2 or 1200×2 units | Capacity: up to 2 people |

Room Facilities:

  • Upper floors accessible by elevator
  • Linen
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Air conditioning
  • Safety deposit box
  • Heating
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric kettle
  • Desk
  • TV
  • Telephone
  • Satellite channels
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Clothes rack
  • Single-room air conditioning for guest accommodation

Room Amenities:

  • Free toiletries
  • Bidet
  • Toilet
  • Bath or shower
  • Towels
  • Hairdryer
  • Toilet paper


Sky Buffet 51

A buffet restaurant in sky, located 200 meters above ground on the top floor of our hotel! Enjoy the sights of Osaka’s cityscape and the “live kitchen” setting in which the chef prepares your food before your eyes. It’s truly a feast for the senses, delighting you in both sight and taste.

  • Opening Hours
  • Breakfast 6:30~10:00
  • Lunch 11:30~15:00
  • Dinner 17:00~22:00
Café & Brasserie O10

A French restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere. From café sweets to fine French cuisine, we’ll prepare the perfect meal for whatever your mood.

  • Opening Hours
  • Breakfast 6:30~10:00
  • Lunch & Café 11:00~17:30
  • Dinner 17:30~23:00


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Conveniently located right beside the train station

Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower is directly connected to Bentencho Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line and the Osaka Metro, and has excellent access to major transport hubs including Kansai International Airport, Osaka International (Itami) Airport and Shin-Osaka Station.


■Direction from JR Bentencho station

  1. Right after exiting the north exit, go up the stairs/slope on the right (the hotel sign is in front).
  2. At the end, go up the stairs/slope on the left (the hotel sign is in front).
  3. Turn right according to the arrow on the hotel sign and go straight on the stairs/slope.
  4. You will see the hotel signboard at the upper front. Turn left when you reach below the sign.
  5. Go straight, seeing the atrium on your right and Vid France (bakery) on your left.
  6. You will find our hotel entrance (2nd floor) in front of Family Mart (convenience store).

■Direction from Osaka Metro Bentencho Station

  1. Exit the west exit and proceed to the left.
  2. Go straight toward the left-hand side and Exit 2-A and take the connecting bridge, which connects the station and the Osaka Bay Tower facility (2nd floor). You will see Saizeriya (restaurant) on your left.
  3. Walk toward the Osaka Bay Tower arcade.
  4. Proceed to Family Mart (convenience store) on your left, and the hotel entrance (2nd floor) is on your right.
  • If you are staying, please come to the front desk on the 1st floor by using the escalator or the elevator.

Free shuttle bus

  • Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower offers the free shuttle bus service to Hotel Universal Port and Namba OCAT(Osaka City Air Terminal).
  • *First come first served basis
  • *It takes about 4 minutes on foot from the Hotel Universal Port to Universal Studios Japan

Local Attraction

Source: © Google Maps
Bentenchō Station

Bentenchō Station is a train station in Namiyoke Sanchome, Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan.

Distance: 3 min. from hotel (by foot)

© Google Maps

Landmark futuristic design baseball ground & concert arena with a 51,000 capacity open since 1997.

Distance: 27 min. from hotel (by foot)

© Google Maps

This sprawling theme park dedicated to popular American movies features rides & live entertainment.

Distance: 17 min. from hotel (By free shuttle bus)

© Google Maps

One of the world’s biggest aquariums, with exhibits ranging from Arctic to tropical marine life.

Distance: 5 min. from hotel (By train)

© Google Maps

Amerikamura, located in western Shinsaibashi in the center of Osaka, is a thriving hotspot of youth culture, and is also known for its many venues catering to, and often operated by, western ex-pats. It began in the 1970s when jeans and secondhand clothing imported from the west coast of the United States started being sold here, and so the name “Amerika-mura” (“America Village”) stuck.

Distance: 27 min. from hotel (by train)

© Google Maps

Famous for the “Glico sign” that has been the backdrop of countless photos! The main street of Osaka South, befitting the “gourmet capital of Japan.” Enjoy crab at Kani Doraku Dotonbori Honten or pufferfish at Zuboraya, or try any of Osaka’s famous cuisines such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki!

Distance: 24 min. from hotel (by train)