As part of our outreach and training program, HanaTour Japan regularly conducts a web seminar. Together with our associates in hotels, restaurants and coach companies, we invite travel agents to join us and discuss the newest products, exchange ideas, and learn more about the market. This interactive seminar is free for all and usually lasts for about an hour and a half. You can see for yourself the condition and shape of all facilities that we offer. At the end of the presentation, there are segments for questions and networking. Interact with us, expand your market reach, and generate leads by joining our community. Drop us an email at should you want to participate in the next one. Or you can also scroll down to see our previous seminars and download the presentation slides!

Webinar News

Fuji-Q Highland Live Inspection

Journey to Fuji-Q Highland Speakers Fumitaka Yamashita (Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. Bangkok Office)Andry Yudha Kusumah (HanaTour Japan Indonesia Office) Live from Japan Sayo Ito (Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office)Rina Furukawa (Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office) On Tuesday, 25th May 2021, HanaTour Japan Indonesia Office and Fujikyuko collaborated on holding an interactive discussion and a real-time inspection…

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Prince Hotels & Resorts Online Seminar

Revisit Japan with Prince Hotel Group Speakers Takanawa Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Mr. Zheng Li)Manza Prince Hotel (Ms. Lin)Prince Smart Inn Ebisu / Atami / Kyoto (Ms. Chathy)Singapore Office (Mr. Akiyoshi)HanaTour Japan Indonesia Office, (Mr. Yudha) On Tuesday, 27th April 2021, Prince Hotel Group together with HanaTour Japan Indonesia Office held an online seminar to enlighten…

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Prince Hotels Safety Commitment Against COVID-19 & New Opportunities

We held our first webinar with Prince Hotels group last Friday (August 7th, 2020) to discuss about the emerging new opportunities in Japan despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and Prince Hotels’ safety precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus. About 80 people from our travel agency partners joined us. Hamid-san from Prince Hotels…

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