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Revisit Japan with Prince Hotel Group


  • Takanawa Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Mr. Zheng Li)
  • Manza Prince Hotel (Ms. Lin)
  • Prince Smart Inn Ebisu / Atami / Kyoto (Ms. Chathy)
  • Singapore Office (Mr. Akiyoshi)
  • HanaTour Japan Indonesia Office, (Mr. Yudha)
Online Meeting Session

On Tuesday, 27th April 2021, Prince Hotel Group together with HanaTour Japan Indonesia Office held an online seminar to enlighten the spirit of our agents and revisit the wholesome hotels under Prince Hotels & Resorts. The initially registered participants were 25 people, however, during the seminar, more people joined as word-of-mouth grew. Participants are noted to be from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Kediri, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar. Both presenters and participants are looking forward to an open border after the Olympics. Especially Indonesian travel sector workers who have received their first dose of vaccination. This indicates a major desire for travel demands. The slide of each presenter is downloadable at the end of this page. Feel free to distribute it as required. Looking forward to everyone’s participation in our next event. Stay tuned!

Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Before starting the presentation, Mr. Katsumi Akiyoshi introduced himself and gave a few words of greeting. He said about his happiness being able to meet and greet participants from agents in Indonesia. The presentation was divided into 3 sessions, each session was given time to ask questions for the seminar participants.

Shinagawa Prince Hotel

The first presentation began with the introduction of the Shinagawa Prince hotel by Mr. Tei. Shinagawa Prince is divided into 2 areas, Shinagawa Area and Takanawa Area. Shinagawa Area has 4 Hotel Buildings while Takanawa Area Has 3 Hotel Buildings. In the Shinagawa Area, which is currently operating and can be rented out, only 1 building is the Shinagawa Prince hotel Main tower, while the others are leased to the government and the other 2 are temporarily closed. There are 2 hotels in Takanawa Area currently operating, namely; Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa and The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo.

Prince Hotel Manza Area

The second presentation from Ms. Lin Prince Hotel Manza Area. Prince Hotel which is located in the manza area, there are 3 hotels namely; Prince Hotel Manza, Manza Kogen Hotel and Prince Hotel Tsumagoi. Meanwhile, there are 3 recreation areas managed by Prince Hotel Manza, namely; Motoshirane Onsen, Tsumagoi Kogen Golf Course and Onioshidashi Park. The speaker explained about the Covid-19 procedure implemented by the hotel before guests want to check-in at the hotel. The procedure includes temperature measurement and several questionnaires about guest health. The presenter also explained the information on space availability at the Onsen by scanning a QR Code.

Prince Hotel Manza

Prince Smart Inn

Prince Smart Inn Atami

The final presentation was by Cathy Zeng from the Seibu Singapore Office responsible for Prince Smart Inn. In her presentation, Ms. Cathy explained about the concept of Prince Smart Inn which is aimed at millennials and uses digital access such as; Check in using a kiosk or machine, there is Coin laundry, Digital maps facilities, Smart Mirrors and so on. This hotel is designed for FITs on short transit or traveling on a backpacker style. Hotels that enter the Grand launching stage are: Prince Smart Ebisu (8 Oct 2020), Prince Smart Inn Atami (21 April 2021) and Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Shijo Omiya (31 May 2021).

In the seminar, several participants were active in asking questions, including Ms. Rina Agustina. He asked “when will the border open for tourism?”, Then answered by Mr. Zheng Li “Actually it is hard to tell, since the covid-19 is spreading in Japan. Japanese government has just declared Nation al Emergency for Tokyo, Osaka and 2 other Province. Hopefully Japan can open the border after Olympic games “

Additional Information

From all the explanations in general, there are several things that were explained deeply by the presenters. in this news we will conclude in three major parts.

Breakfast Updates

  • Meals serving processes: Food is served by attendant; guests are required to give the plate to the attendant.Restaurant Capacity: Restaurant capacity is reduced to 50%. For Instance, Shinagawa Prince Hapuna capacity is reduced from 400 seats to 200 seats.
  • Mealtime: There are no limitation in mealtime. Guest can enjoy the meals as long the restaurant is open.
  • Bento Service, there is an option for bento service.

Health and Sanitation Updates

  • Check in process: A check list will be distributed prior to group arrival. This way, group check in will be much smoother. For FIT focused hotels such as Prince Smart Inn, a self check in Machine is available on the lobby floor, to minimize contacts as needed.
  • Rooms sanitation: extra room cleaning time is implemented, plus all cleansed rooms are sealed with door stickers. Depends on rooms size, 30 minutes to 1 hours of cleansing time will be allocated.
  • Air circulation: Hotels in the city center will be equipped with air purifier machines, while on the country side are allowed to open their windows.
  • Hot spring Occupancy Check: Guest can check the occupancy rate via QR code, So as to they can decide when to enter the facility when less people are using.
  • Hotel Staff health check: Since most hotel staff live close to the hotel area, Covid19 test will be performed PCR test mostly to staff who are traveling for business outside of the city, or to a destination where covid19 outbreak are happening.

Connectivity and Activities Updates

  • Shuttle bus: a free shuttle bus is provided between Karuizawa and Manza area which gives more option for guest to combine their hill top activities such as snow tubing, mountaineering and other enjoyment on the lower part of the hill side, such as shopping or golfing in karuizawa.
  • Mix gender outdoor hotspring: Manza provide a rare opportunity to enjoy mixed gender outdoor hotspring. All guest are required to be clothed and follow health protocols during their enjoyment.
  • There are lots to explore from Snow Corridor in May that is different from Alpine route, a mixture of Sakura and carnation flower bloom in April, High Slope Snow tubing for families, and many more

Current Business Opportunities

Quarantine plan are given to those who are returning or arriving to japan. They will provide bento boxes and water to the rooms so guests are comfortable during their long stay.

For fellow travel agents who have not participated in the seminar, you don’t need to worry. You can download the presentation information from the speakers via the link below. And if you want to be a participant in our other seminars, please register your agent by sending an email to

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