Senomoto Kogen Hotel

Located in Kumamoto, a twin room (22 ㎡) is available here. They offer a breakfast buffet using ingredients from Kumamoto and Aso. They want you to eat a delicious breakfast and start your day well, so both Japanese and Western dishes are fully satisfying.

Surrounded by mountains and forest, this informal hot spring hotel with an annex is 9 km from Kujūhana Park, 19 km from Mount Kujū and 23 km from the Miyaji train station.

Bright rooms include minifridges and flat-screen TVs. Some have tatami floors, futons, chabudai dining tables and/or countryside views. Upgraded rooms come with separate living areas.

Amenities consist of an airy lounge and a karaoke bar, along with a seasonal outdoor pool, and a communal bathhouse offering indoor and outdoor soaking pools with natural hot spring water. Meals can be arranged.

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 Senomoto Kogen Hotel

Address: 5621-7 Manganji, Minamioguni, Aso District, Kumamoto 869-2402, Japan | Tel: +81 92-262-1111 | Hotel Official Website |

Source: © Senomoto Highland‘s Hotel

Source: © Senomoto Highland‘s Hotel

About efforts to prevent new coronavirus infection

Sanai Kogen Hotel July 22, 2020
(Implementation of temperature measurement and health check) At check-in, all guests are requested to measure the temperature at the front counter. In addition, please refrain from entering the museum if you fall under any of the following.

  • ■ Infected person ・ Close contact within the past 2 weeks
  • ■ Person who has undergone PCR test at the doctor’s discretion and is waiting for the result
  • ■ Person who has
  • fever of 37.5 ℃ or more, who has cold symptoms.

(Installation of hand sanitizer)

  • We are working to create a safe and secure environment that is easier for customers to use by adding disinfectant to the entrance, lobby, restaurant, hotel shop, banquet hall, dressing room, bathhouse, etc

(Strengthening regular disinfection)

We regularly wipe and disinfect
doorknobs, doors, elevator buttons, and other areas that customers often touch

(Prevention of droplet infection)

In consideration of the health and safety of our customers and public health, our staff wears masks when serving customers. We would appreciate it if you could wear it as much as possible. Acrylic boards to prevent droplet infection are installed at the front counter and cash register. The shuttle car has a screen partition between the crew and the customer.

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Source: © Senomoto Highland‘s Hotel
West Building Twin Room | Room Size: 22 m2 | Room Details:
Twin bed + Japanese 1.5 tatami mat | Capacity:
2-3 people |
Source: © Senomoto Highland‘s Hotel
East Building Japanese-Western style room | Room Details: Twin bed + 4.5 tatami Japanese-style room | Capacity:
2-3 people |

Room Facilities


  • 3F Premium Floor: Simmons bed, with balcony, with window chair, with balcony
  • 2F standard: France bed, with window chair
  • 1F standard: France bed, window-side tatami mat 1.5 tatami space available


  • Toilet with washing machine, flat-screen LCD TV, refrigerator, safe, humidifier

 Room Amenities

Hand soap, towels, bath towels, indoor slippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, hair caps, combs, hairdryers


About Breakfast

They offer a breakfast buffet using ingredients from Kumamoto and Aso. We want you to eat a delicious breakfast and start your day well, so both Japanese and Western dishes are fully satisfying. But during the covid19 pandemic, breakfast is served as a set.

Time7: 00-9: 00 (8:30 order stop)
PlaceMain Building 3F Dining Mountains

Dining venue

West Building Dining Daikan

Source: © Senomoto Highland‘s Hotel
A dining venue dedicated to 13 Japanese-Western style rooms and special rooms in the West Building. Furnishings that give you a sense of nature, such as a landscape overlooking Aso, a table of Oguni cedar, and old wood art.  A Japanese course meal in which seasonal Kumamoto ingredients and Oita seafood are finished one by one at the attached kitchen.


Source: © Senomoto Highland‘s Hotel
This is a dinner venue mainly used by large groups and groups. It can accommodate up to 110 people and can be used in a variety of situations.

Main Building Dining Mountains

Source: © Senomoto Highland‘s Hotel
Evening / breakfast venue for guests staying in the East / West Twin Room. Enjoy the scenery of Aso and seasonal dishes. At dinner, some alcoholic drinks and soft drink servers are free for 60 minutes on your own.

Private room dining Onkotei

Source: © Senomoto Highland‘s Hotel
Although it is a Japanese-style room, you can sit in a chair and eat, so even elderly people can relax.

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Senomoto Kogen Hotel

5621-7 Manganji, Minamioguni, Aso District, Kumamoto 869-2402, Japan

Tel: +81 967-44-0121

Those Who Come By Car:

Please come toward San-ai Rest House with a red roof, which will be the intersection of Yamanami Highway (prefectural road No. 11) Senomoto. The hotel is 200 meters away.

Those Who Come By Bus:

The nearest bus stop is the “Kurokawa Onsen” bus stop. About 10 minutes by car from the “Kurokawa Onsen” bus stop.
Free transfer is also available if you make a reservation in advance.


Local Attraction

Source: © Google Map

Gasoline stand, local goods shop, small convenience store, clean modern restrooms, cafe, bicycling shop, parking and overnight parking, restaurant, and a campground.

Access: 750 m (2-minutes by car)

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The Ikeyama Springhead, which has been selected as one of the 100 best water by the Ministry of the Environment, boasts abundant spring water with a constant temperature of 13.5 ° C and 30 tons per minute. The area is surrounded by giant trees and trees that are said to be over 200 years old, and the spring water becomes the Tamarai River, joins the Ono River, and flows far into Beppu Bay. It is a representative of delicious water in Kumamoto.

Access: 5 km (9-minutes by car)

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Vast park with paths winding through colorful flower fields & a greenhouse with tropical plants.

Access: 8,7 km (12 minute by car)