Looking for year-round amusement park? Grinpa is one of our recommendation. If you are planning to visit Mt.Fuji area, you should try this park. You can enjoy this amusement park in every season!

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About Grinpa

“Grinpa” is an amusement park, located at the 2nd station of Mt. Fuji (1,200m) in Shizuoka, and is embraced by the great nature of Mt. Fuji. It has two large theme park zones, “Ultraman Park” and “Sylvanian Village”, which are very popular with children. This four-season delight boasts “tulips” in spring, “dahlia” in summer and autumn, and playing snow (sledding) and ice skating in winter. There are restaurants and shops, so you can enjoy the whole day while feeling the great outdoors.

The Grinpa amusement park is located around 20 minutes drive from the Susono IC on the Tomei Expressway, or around 30 minutes drive from the Gotembi IC (Tomei Expressway) or the Shinfuji IC (Shin-Tomei Expressway).

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  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter


There is a very popular “5 major athletics” in the amusement park in the wilderness of Mt. Fuji 2nd station, and in the vast amusement park. A huge 5-story maze “Kokodoko”, like a ninja training experience! “Fort of Shinobi”, 21 types of athletics “Picasso’s Tamago”, water athletics “Kappa Daisakusen” that captures 18 types of items installed on the lake where Kappa lurks, like a beaver It’s an adventure with an amphibious cart! In addition to “Beaver Fever”, “Sylvania Village” where you can meet life-sized Sylvanian houses and characters, and the statue of giant Ultraman is full of fun such as the masterpiece “M78 Ultraman Park”.

One of Japan’s largest 3D mazes. You’ll lose where you are among the myriad puzzles like trick walls and after going up and down, left and right so many times, leaving you wondering “Koko doko?,” or “Where on earth am I?”. From the top you can get a great panorama of the majestic Mt. Fuji, almost close enough to touch.

Have loads of fun playing
using your body and brain!

A new type of obstacle course based on the concept of “deciding for yourself where to go,” with decorative color schemes and odd shapes. Picasso’s Egg contains 21 different items to train your imagination and athletic prowess through movement, balance, mazes, and much more.

Five stories tall, with 13 barriers to break through in 13 meters!

Aris-To-Teles is a new kind of obstacle course where you use your whole body, arms, legs and brain. Can you pass through all 13 types of hurdles that keep coming at you? The “Insights” that flash up in an instant are a key to clearing the puzzle!

Super-size bouncy obstacle course!

This attraction features a 30 m long giant slide built on a slope and a massive 9 m by 9 m trampoline, a colourful bouncy maze shaped like a castle, and five other big-size bouncy air toys. Jump! Tumble! Clamber! Enjoy playing here any way you like.

Welcome to the Sylvanian Village!

At Grinpa you can visit the Sylvanian village where the Wildflower Bunnies live happily together. You can meet a real cotton bunny girl, actually go inside a big, red-roofed house, and enjoy fun rides. Great fun here for both girls and boys.

Ultra heroes and monsters are all friends together.

In the world of M78 Ultraman, Ultra heroes and monsters are all friends! They never shirk from a challenge, joining forces with their friends to give it their all. In a world much like Earth, they live just like Earthlings do.

Japan’s highest-altitude
Ferris wheel.

The gondolas reach an impressive 1,280 m above sea level. A great place to see Mt. Fuji spread out before you, and even the distant Izu Peninsula and out to Oshima.

A rare merry-go-round where you can ride all sorts of animals.

A perennially popular attraction where you can ride on cute critters like bears and bunnies. Great for little children as well as couples.

For more attractions and details, please go to the official website.

Other Informations

  • Tickets & Opening Hours
  • Guide Maps
  • Restaurants
  • Prayer Room
  • Safety Measures

Admission Ticket

OccupationAdultChildren / Seniors
Entrance fee1,300 yen850 yen
One-day coupon (admission ticket + 1-day ride ticket)3,700 yen2,700 yen
10-time vehicle ticket4,000 yen
Pet companion admissionOne pet dog 850 yen

◆ Adults: more than junior high school students ◆ children: 3 years old or more and elementary school students ◆ Senior: 60 years of age or older (please bring what you can verify the age)

Opening hours are subject to change, please check more details on the official website.

Guide Maps



(1) AreaApprox. 20 ㎡
(2) Room chargeFree
(3) Usage proceduresPress the intercom button at the facility entrance. An employee will come to assist you.
(4) Facility overviewThe prayer room is divided so that men and women can pray separately, and with an ablutions room for purification before prayer.

Infectious disease prevention measures in various parts of the park

For more details, please check HERE.



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