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Why don’t you try making candy with your own hands? Amezaiku workshops are held at various events, and these workshops should be enjoyable and satisfying experiences. You can choose your favorite candy work and enjoy the fun of making candy!

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About Amezaiku

It can be said that the goodness of Amezaiku lies not only in the finished work, but also in the craftsmanship seen in the process of making it. Craftsmen have to shape the candy in just 3-5 minutes after removing it from the pot, which requires not only delicate hand movements but also quickness. It is craftsmanship to make it all at once in a short time, and this wonderful performance has overwhelmed many people.

In addition to the process of forming candy, the final process “coloring” that is performed after making the shape is also a real pleasure. The pigments used in candy work are mixed in many colors, creating a three-dimensional effect that cannot be achieved with just one color. In particular, the goldfish, which is a candy-crafted work that is often sold at fairs, has two bright red and black eyeballs, the real one and the melon, and it has a three-dimensional effect that makes you feel like you are about to swim.

Until the Showa era, candy crafts were often sold at festivals and on the streets, but with the decrease in the number of craftsmen, candy crafts are rarely seen on a daily basis. In order to preserve this old Japanese tradition, few candy-making specialty stores are now holding workshops where you can experience candy-making. We are committed to telling the history of Amezaiku to a wide range of age groups, from small children to adults.

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Amezaiku Workshop

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  1. First of all, you will learn how to use scissors, and then you will learn how to make the "rabbit" or what type you choose. You can rest assured that there is a document on the table that describes how to use scissors and how to make a rabbit.

  2. Next, the craftsman will give a lecture on how to make it carefully. You will be taught the important points in making a rabbit while actually making it. After that, practice twice and challenge the production.

  3. After it has cooled sufficiently and the candy has hardened, write the eyes and nose with food coloring.

    By the way, the candy becomes whiter when it contains air, and becomes transparent when it does not contain air, so it seems that the amount of air is also adjusted depending on what you make.

Amezaiku workshop fee is around 3000-4000 yen/person. Depend on the store, they have a different price, please ask the detail first. Reservation is required.

This workshop takes 60-90 minutes per session.

This workshop usually held inside the store or studio. You and your group usually can do souvenir shopping after the workshop. 

In Tokyo, the number of people who can experience at one time is 40 people.

This is a candy-making experience that anyone from small children to adults can participate in, but there are some points to keep in mind.

In Amezaiku, you have to do detailed work using your hands. It's difficult to work with long nails, so it's a good idea to cut your nails short in advance if possible. Also, using heat can make the room hot, so it is recommended that you do not wear too much clothes, especially in the summer.

The risk of burns is not zero in candy crafts that handle heat above 90 degrees. Gloves will be distributed at the venue, but it feels quite hot when the work actually starts, so be careful not to get burned, paying particular attention to your hands. Also, if you use scissors to make the shape of the candy, you need to be careful not to cut your hands with the scissors.

For the time being, the store will take the following preventive measures against new coronavirus infections so that you can participate in the Amezaiku experience class with peace of mind.
・ Reduce the number of participants to half of the normal capacity to keep intervals for each group
・ Wear employee masks (customers are requested to wear masks as much as possible)
・ Regular ventilation
・ Use of rubbing alcoho


***Optional option may be different depending on the stores

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What to expect by joining this workshop:

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What to expect by joining this workshop:

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