Why not give this fantastic experience a try if you are in Japan? Most people think of Ikebana as simply a Japanese style of arranging flowers. But Ikebana is much more than that. Ikebana is a powerful means of self-expression and it develops our ability to see in new ways. 

We specifically design this page so you, as an agent, could have all the necessary point of views to make your Group Tour and FIT experience arrangement memorable. Make sure you check this page again later, we will update it regularly!

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About Ikebana

Ikebana is the common term used for Japanese flower arrangement. The art is also referred to as kado (“the way of flowers”). Different schools of ikebana exist today with a variance in style. Some schools advocate that flowers should be arranged in a way that they look as if they were in the wild; others pay attention to precision of shape, line and form, going as far as to prescribe rules that dictate the angles that the branches should make.

In addition, modern styles of ikebana (avant-garde ikebana) have evolved, some of which even use glass, iron, and other materials instead of flowers. The container of the plant plays a role in the composition as well. The type of container used also varies according to taste, ranging from simple squarish ones with subdued colors to those with unique shapes or extravagant designs.

Well known schools of ikebana include the Ikenobo, Sogetsu and Ohara schools. The two latter schools offer day classes in English on selected days each week at their centers in Tokyo. Reservations have to be made via e-mail or phone. A class takes around two hours and costs around 5000 yen (see links below). In addition, the Hanatoro event that takes place twice a year in Kyoto is a good occasion to see ikebana creations.


Ikebana Workshop Experience

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Kokeshi painting workshop fee is around 1800 - 2500 yen per person. Depend on the store, they have a different price, please ask the detail first. Reservation is required.

This workshop takes 30-90 minutes per session.

This workshop usually held inside the store or studio. You and your group usually can do souvenir shopping after the workshop. 

In Miyagi prefecture, there is a store that can accommodate up to 150 pax.

Take some photos during the workshop or while the shopping time at the store. It will become memorable stuff for your social media needs.

Note: some stores prohibit taking pictures, kindly ask first.

Due to Covid 19 conditions, some stores will cut the occupancy of the workshop. Make sure you have enough time for doing this workshop (especially for a big group).


***Optional option may be different depending on the stores

Group tour & FIT Arrangements

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  • FIT Arrangement

What to expect by joining this workshop:

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What to expect by joining this workshop:

  • Coming soon

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