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Authentic Japanese calligraphy experience! Select one favorite character and write it under the guidance of a professional calligrapher. Experience the feel of a brush and the scent of ink. You can feel the Japanese spirit from the calligraphy.

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About Shodo

Calligraphy (書道, shodō: “the way of writing”) is the art of writing beautifully. In Japan, cardboard pens and pencils are commonly used as writing tools for writing letters and documents, but calligraphy is a traditional Japanese culture that artistically expresses kanji and other characters using the ancient writing tools brush and ink. It is one.
In addition to the arrangement of letters, calligraphy is viewed from the viewpoints of how to carry the brush, the shade of ink, and the beauty of the overall arrangement.
Calligraphy was originally developed in China, but in Japan it began in earnest around the 6th and 7th centuries when it was introduced from China along with how to make brushes, ink, and paper. At that time, it was considered an indispensable culture for aristocrats and samurai who were Japanese leaders.
In calligraphy, write kanji and kana one by one accurately and put them together in a square shape, “Kaisho”, “Gyosho”, which is a broken dot and picture of the Kana, and a curve. There are various writing styles such as “Sosho”, which is the most flexible and fluid writing style, and by learning calligraphy, you can write one character carefully, and the writing order is meaningful for the movement of the brush. Can be understood.

  • Shitajiki: Soft mat. It provides a comfortable, soft surface for writing.
  • Bunchin: Metal stick to weight down the paper during writing.
  • Hanshi: Special, thin calligraphy paper.
  • Fude: Brush. There is a larger brush for writing the main characters and a smaller one for writing the artist’s name. The small brush, however, can be used for the characters, too.
  • Suzuri: Heavy black container for the ink.
  • Sumi: Solid black material that must be rubbed in water in the suzuri to produce the black ink which is then used for writing. Instead, “instant ink” in bottles is also available.

Shodo Experience

With the guidance of a kind calligraphy instructor, you will learn the history of kanji from China and the history of hiragana and katakana which are made from kanji. It is also important to know how to hold the brush and the posture when writing. You will practice handwriting on a calligraphy paper with a brush. You can practice a lot.

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Photo Courtesy: Asakusa Jidaiya

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Flow of calligraphy experience

  1. Talk to your calligraphy teacher and choose a name letter. Time: 10-15 minutes.
  2. Based on the explanation sheet, the staff will teach you how to hold the brush, how to rub the ink, posture, and how to write a model. You will practice about two sheets of calligraphy based on the instructor's example. Time: 15-20 minutes.
  3. When you have finished writing practice, please make a clean copy on Shikishi. Time: 10 minutes.
  4. The colored paper written by the customer is stamped with a grace stamp, and the process is complete. Staffs will also take a commemorative photo after completion. Time: 10 to 15 minutes.

Tools to use: 
Brush, Paperweight, Calligraphy, Ink, Suzuri, Underlay.

Shodo experience workshop fee is around 4000-9000 yen per person. Depend on the store, they have a different price, please ask the detail first. Reservation is required.

This workshop duration is around 60-90 minutes.

This workshop usually held inside the store or studio. For big group arrangement, additional venue is needed.

For group arrangement, many stores offer capacity start from 20-4opax per class. Should you have another big group, kindly contact us for more detailed information.

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Due to Covid 19 conditions, some stores will cut the occupancy of the workshop. Make sure you have enough time for doing this workshop (especially for a big group).

Group tour & FIT Arrangements

  • Group Arrangement
  • FIT Arrangement

What to expect by joining this workshop:

*Create fantastic group memories of your trip to Japan
*Opportunities for taking photographs together will be highlighted throughout
*Special experience of Japanese culture for student or MICE group.

What to expect by joining this workshop:

*As a family, enjoy the experience with children.
*Learning about the history of Japanese culture
*Making your family name as a souvenir

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