Japanese Sand Baths

Have you ever heard of sand bath? They are very relaxing and good for your health.

Almost every tourist who comes to Japan brings with them the image of bathing in the beautiful and relaxing Japanese onsen (natural hot springs). Destinations such as Hakone, Beppu, and Kusatsu, attract many people purely for their world famous baths. Whether it’s the beautiful landscape, the uniqueness of the baths, or the ability to rest the mind and soul, Japanese onsen provide an experience every traveler must experience. With that said, the sand baths in Japan are equally calming and a must go for the onsen-loving tourist.

The sand baths in Japan are of complete opposite nature. Rather than regretting it later, you come out relaxed and feeling like a butterfly breaking the walls of its cocoon. If your body was sore or stiff; it magically feels completely refreshed. If you were tired and lacked sleep; you come out rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. While the sand baths may not provide the cultural experience that the onsen might provide, yet they do allow for complete mind and body restoration.

Best time to go

Anytime in the spring, fall and winter, would be an appropriate time to go. Going during June, July, August, and even possibly September, the weather could be a little too hot and humid to fully enjoy the bath. Since the baths are always covered, you can be worry free bathing even when it’s raining outside.

Where to sand bath

While onsen are found throughout Japan, sand baths are a bit more rare to spot. Some of the more notable ones can be found in: Ibusuki, Kagoshima and Beppu.

Sand Bath Hall “SARAKU” Kagoshima

Sand Bath Hall “SARAKU” The Sand Bath Hall is located at seaside and has facilities with sunny open spaces that were designed to enhance the surrounding view. The Sand Bath Hall is nicknamed “SARAKU”. In Kagoshima dialect, SARAKU signifies walking around. Also, the “SA” signifies sand and “RAKU” for happiness and relaxation.

Official website: http://sa-raku.sakura.ne.jp/en/

Beppu Hachiyu Onsen

Beppu Kaihin Sand bath is located next to Beppu International Tourist Port, in the corner of Shoningahama, where the sandy beach is now scarce. In the old literature, there is a legend that “Ippen Shonin came to Kyushu for the first time in 1276, and this is the reason why Ippen Gahama is famous. ) Nari ”, the origin of the place name is written.
Beppu City started operating the beach sand bath here in 1986, and more than 10 people can take a bath at a time, and the group can enjoy it together. In 2002, a movable roof was installed so that you can take a bath even in the rain.

Official website: https://www.city.beppu.oita.jp/sisetu/shieionsen/detail9.html

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