Agora Kanazawa

Located in front of Kanazawa station, Twin Room (20 ㎡) is available here. They offer a Japanese and Western buffet woven with fresh ingredients from Kanazawa.

This refined hotel among restaurants is 2 km from both Kanazawa train station and the renowned Kanazawa Castle. It’s 10 minutes’ walk from exhibits on tea history at Nishi Chaya Shiryokan Museum.

Minimalist rooms, some with tatami floors, futons and chabudai dining tables, provide free Wi-Fi, flat-screens and minifridges, as well as Bluetooth speakers. All offer tea and coffeemakers; some have castle views.

There’s a chic restaurant, and a guest-only lounge with complimentary tea and snacks. A spa area has a gym, treatment rooms and a sleek indoor bathhouse. A breakfast buffet is available (fee).

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Agora Kanazawa

Address: 2-25 920-0981 Ishikawa, Kanazawa, 2 Chome-25 Katamachi, Japan | Tel: +81 76-224-0700 | Hotel Official Website |

Source: © Agora Hospitalities Co., Ltd.

Source: © Agora Hospitalities Co., Ltd.

About new coronavirus infection prevention measures 2020.12.09

Agora Kanazawa has formulated guidelines for the prevention of new coronavirus infections so that customers can stay comfortably in a safe and secure space, and will take the following measures to strengthen infection prevention and ensure thorough hygiene management.

[Main measures for business facilities such as shared spaces, guest rooms, restaurants, etc.]

  • 1. Installation of disinfectant solution
  • ・Disinfectant solution is installed in the lobby, restaurants, shops, and restrooms on each floor.
  • 2. Strengthening of regular disinfection
  • ・ Alcohol disinfection is carried out on door knobs, doors, escalator handrails, elevator buttons, and other areas that customers often touch.
  • 3. Installation of acrylic board
  • ・ For the purpose of preventing droplet infection, partitions are installed at the front counter and accounting counter with acrylic board.
  • 4. The layout is such that the distance between the restaurant and the table is sufficiently secured.
  • ・ We disinfect tables and counters every time customers change.
  • ・ Customers who come in multiples are requested to avoid facing each other and to sit diagonally.
  • ・ As a general rule, please pay at the table. 

[Efforts for employees]

  • 1. Physical condition and health management at the time of commuting
  • ・ Employees should measure the temperature, and if they have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher or 1 degree higher than normal fever, or if they have cold symptoms, We have decided whether or not to accept it, and we are waiting at home.
  • 2. Wearing masks when serving customers
  • ・ Staff engaged in services wear masks or face guards.
  • 3. Strengthening disinfection in staff common areas and offices
  • ・ We have installed disinfectant solutions in employee facilities such as entrances, offices, lockers, break spaces, and restrooms to ensure thorough disinfection.
  • 4. Implementation of staggered work, etc.
  • ・ We carry out commuting to avoid busy hours of public transportation to prevent infection.
  • 5. Refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently
  • ・ Be careful about unnecessarily urgent outside work and business trips, and in principle, we advise you to prohibit personal gatherings and events where an unspecified number of people gather. 

[Requests to Customers]

  • 1. We ask for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask when you visit us.
  • 2. At the time of staying, we cooperate with temperature measurement (non-contact type) and confirm the health condition. Customers who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, or who are not in good physical condition, are not allowed to enter the museum.
  • 3. If you are not feeling well when you come to the hotel, please contact the hotel staff.

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Source: © Agora Hospitalities Co., Ltd.
Double Room, | Room Size: 20 ㎡ | Capacity: 2 people |
Source: © Agora Hospitalities Co., Ltd.
Twin Room | Room Size: 20 ㎡ | |Capacity: 2 people |

Room Facilities:

Air conditioning, warm water washing toilet seat, refrigerator, electric kettle, safe, handy, TV, Bluetooth speaker, dryer

Room Amenities:

Shaving, toothbrush, hairbrush, cotton swab, wash towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, soap


Dining Souza

Dining Souza The shape of a new teahouse
where culture is born during the time of harmony

Sunday-Thursday / Holiday 18:00 – 22:00 (LO21: 30)
Friday / Saturday / The day before public holidays 18: 00-23: 00 (LO22: 30)

◎ Change of business hours ・ When dinner is closed There is.

 Cooming Soon



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Agora Kanazawa

Address: 2 Chome-25-17 Katamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0981, Japan

Tel: +81 76-224-0700

About 13 minutes by car or taxi from Kanazawa Station, about 30 minutes on foot.
About 1 minute walk from Katamachi Chuo-dori bus stop, about 3 minutes walk from Katamachi bus stop.

Approximately 40 minutes to Komatsu Airport Limousine Bus Kanazawa Station, Approximately 55 minutes to Korinbo


Local Attraction

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Kanazawa Castle Park

Reconstructed 16th-century castle famous for its extensive surrounding garden, with tours.

Distance: 22 min. from Hotel

Source: © Lawson, Inc.

Various prepared meals / Drinks / Stationery / Daily goods / Souvenirs and other items are available.

Distance: 1 min. from Hotel

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Nomura Family Samurai House

The Nomura family’s restored Edo-era home features samurai artifacts, a garden & a tea room.

Distance: 7 min. from Hotel

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Nagamachi Neighborhood

Village featuring cobblestone streets & former samurai homes, plus shops & restaurants.

Distance: 6 min. from Hotel

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Shinise Memorial Hall

The building that houses Kanazawa ShiniseMemorial Hall, which was once a traditionalmedicine store called Nakaya Pharmacy, wasdonated to the City of Kanazawa by the Nakayafamily in 1987.

Distance: 4 min. from Hotel