Notice of Handling of Personal Information

When using the personal information acquired from this enquiry form, we shall indicate the following items.

a)Company / Business NameHANATOUR JAPAN Co., Ltd.
b)Job title, Affiliation and Contact Information of Personal Information Protection ManagerContact Name: Personal Information Desk
Personal Information Protection Manager: Kim Yongnam
〒160-0022 2-3-15 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Ohashi Gyoen Building 4th floor
Phone: 03-6629-4766 (Weekdays 09:00-17:30)
c)Purpose for collecting and using personal informationFor reciprocal communication with our company.
d)Providing personal information to a third partyWe will not disclose personal information collected in this form to a third party without the person’s consent, except as required by law.
e)Sharing / Delegating personal information to othersPersonal information collected through this form is managed on an external server.
We selectively evaluate our outsource contractors inline with the perspective of personal information protection.
f)Request for disclosure of personal information, etc.We will address requests for notice, disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of retained personal information, suspension of use, deletion, or suspension of provision of retained personal information to third parties.
In that situation, the above-mentioned personal information protection manager is the contact point for inquiries.
g)Voluntary provision of personal informationProviding personal information is voluntary. We may not be able to offer an accurate response to your inquiry if you do not provide the relevant data.
h)Notice regarding the handling of personal information, created in Japanese, and controlled by Japanese, any translation in other languages is for reference only and is not binding on the parties.



a)事業者の名称株式会社 HANATOUR JAPAN
〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿 2 丁目 3 番 15 号 大橋御苑ビル 4 階
電話:03-6629-4766(平日 9:00 ~17:30)
d)個人情報を第三者に提供する場合当社は、法令等による場合を除き、本人の同意を得ずに当フォームにてご提供いただく個人情報 を第三者に提供することはありません。
f)個人情報の開示等の請求について当社は、保有個人情報について、利用目的の通知、開示、訂正、追加又は削除、利用の停止、消 去又は第三者への提供の停止を求められた場合は、これに応じます。
その場合の問合せ窓口は、 上記個人情報保護管理者です。
g)個人情報の提供の任意性個人情報の提供は任意です。ご提供いただけない場合は、お問い合わせについて正確なご回答を 行うことができない可能性があります。