Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel

Located in Osaka. Twin Room (17m²) is available here. Breakfast can be eaten at the dining room for an additional fee if requested by 23:00 the prior day.

Shin Osaka Youth Hostel is located 5min walk away from the JR Shin-Osaka Station, and is close not only to Osaka, but to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. It is a very convenient place for fulfilling the desires of exploring the Kansai area.

The “Youth Hostel” was originally created in Germany, and is now recognized as a global “Journey Inn”. Although originally created to assist young adolescents, it is now used for family vacations and business travelers as well.

Moreover, the 1st-8th floor offers rental rooms, including an assembly hall, meeting rooms, musical rooms, studios and more.

The shared bath room is equipped with a large bathtub and ten shower heads. Shampoo and body wash are also available. If you hesitate about the shared bathroom, a private shower room is also available.

Towels are not for free. Please bring them by yourself.

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Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel

Address: 1-13-13 10th floor, Higashinakajima, Osaka Shi Higashiyodogawa Ku, Osaka Fu, 533-0033, Japan | Tel: +81-6-6370-5427 | Hotel Official Website |

Source: © Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel


Source: © Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel

New Coronavirus Guidelines at Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel

At this youth hostel, we are implementing the following measures against infectious diseases of the new coronavirus, so please feel free to come and visit us.

In order to avoid the retention of people at check-in and check- in , we avoid oral explanations as much as possible and simplify the procedure. 

  • We are conducting a body temperature test.
  • We have devised a way to keep a distance of about 2m so that reception can be done at intervals.
  • To prevent droplet infection, the front is separated by a vinyl curtain.
  • Group check-in is explained only to the representative.

We perform simple check-out without check-out and post-payment.
・ After use, the guest rooms will be thoroughly disinfected to prepare for the next use.

Room allocation
・ For groups such as groups and families, we will allocate rooms so that they will not be crowded (with half the capacity as a guide).
・ For individual users, we will support private rooms for the time being so that they will not be shared as much as possible.

The sofas, chairs, tables, and handrails on the stairs in the hall and in the lobby where multiple people touch are regularly disinfected.
・ In the time zone when people gather, such as before meals are served, we consider the place and time zone so as not to create “three dense”.
・ Sanitizers are installed at each important point in the building.
・ We ventilate the building at regular intervals.
・ Please wear a mask in the service area.

Bathroom <<Large communal bath >>
・ We ask our customers to use a small number of people at once (there is a guide at the entrance to the bathroom).

<< Shower booth >>
・ For customers who wish to use the dedicated shower booth, we will guide you there.

Places that come into contact with hands, such as toilets and switches, are regularly disinfected.
-The hand-washing faucet uses an automatic faucet so that it will not be touched by human hands.
・ Ventilation of the toilet is always performed.
・ Disinfectants are installed in all toilets.

Serving meals
・ Seats in the dining room are not seated face-to-face, and the seats are spaced apart.
・ Please wash your hands and disinfect when you enter the cafeteria.
・ Customers are requested to wear a mask until just before meals.

and employees will use masks to serve customers.
・ When you go to work, we check your body temperature and check your health.

Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel


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Source: © Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel
Dormitory room | Room size: 10m² | Capicity: 6 people
Source: © Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel
Twin Room | Room size: 17m² | Capicity: 2 people


  • bath towel *
  • face towel *
  • Tooth-brush *

*for Twin Room


  • locker
  • concent
  • washing place
  • bath *
  • toilet *
  • TV *

 *for Twin Room



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Train / Subway

・5minutes from JR Kyoto line east exit(south area)
・10 minutes from Subway mido-suzi line Shin Osaka station

  • Exit the JR Shin-Osaka Station East Exit ticket gate and turn left to get to the East Exit.
  • (* Subway users: Exit the subway ticket gate at Shin-Osaka Station and proceed in the direction of JR to the east exit of JR Shin-Osaka Station.)
  • Go down the stairs at the east exit and go outside, you will find a plaza.
  • After exiting the east exit, cross the pedestrian crossing and proceed to the left, there is a convenience store.
  • Turn right at that corner and go straight for about 200m. You will see KOKO PLAZA on your left.
  • Please come to the 10th floor front desk with an external elevator.


Itami Airport (ITM)

Limousine bus (airport connection bus): Take the South Terminal 8 stop (to Shin-Osaka Station) (required time: about 30 minutes) * Timetable and price list
Hankyu Bus  Take Shin-Osaka (Hanboku Line 160) (required time: about 70 minutes)
Train  “Osaka Airport Station (monorail)” → “Senri Chuo (Hankyu)” → “Shin-Osaka Station (METRO) (Approximately 35 minutes)

Kansai Airport (KIX)

“JR Kansai Airport Station (JR Limited Express Haruka)” → “Shin Osaka Station” (Approximately 50 minutes)
“JR Kansai Airport Station (JR Kanku Kishu Road Rapid)” ⇒ “JR Osaka Station (Tokaido Main Line)” ⇒ “JR Shin-Osaka Station” (Time required: 1 hour 10 minutes)