Gifu Grand Hotel

Located in Gifu. Standard Twin Room (26㎡) is available here. A buffet-style breakfast and/or a Japanese course dinner will be served in the dining room for guests with a meal plan.

The Gifu Grand Hotel is a city resort hotel with all of the amenities for enjoying your stay and sightseeing in Gifu. This includes grand views of the Nagara River where fishermen employ cormorants to catch fish, Mt. Kinkazan with its lush natural environment and the historically important Gifu Castle. In the stay, you can enjoy herbal bathes and the Nagaragawa spring. The hotel also features a full spa complete with multiple open-air baths including the brand new “Hitotsuba” opened in July 2013, a sauna, esthetic salon and massage services. And, all guest rooms have Wi-Fi.

Guests can enjoy dining at the on-site French, Japanese or Chinese restaurants. A café and bar are also available for coffee and evening drinks.

JR Nagoya Train Station is a 50-minute train and bus ride from the hotel, while JR Takayama station is a 120-minute train ride away. Gifu castle can be reached via a 5-minute shuttle bus ride.

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Gifu Grand Hotel

Address: 648 Nagara, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture 502-8567, Japan (Nagaragawa Onsen) | Tel: +81(58)233-1111 | Hotel Official Website |




About measures against new coronavirus infection

Gifu Grand Hotel is taking the following measures for the health and safety of customers and employees regarding the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

[In public spaces]
・ Disinfectants are installed in various places in the building such as the lobby and restaurants.
・ Alcohol disinfection is carried out as appropriate for escalator handrails and elevator buttons.
・ Hotel staff may wear masks and gloves when working.
・ Each part of the building is not sealed and is sufficiently ventilated by an air conditioner at any time.
・ Elevator capacity is limited.
・ The use of hand dryers for restrooms is suspended.

[Requests to customers]
・ Please wear a mask when you come to the museum.
・ We ask for your cooperation in measuring the temperature at the time of admission (at the time of check-in, at the time of entering a restaurant / coffee shop, at the time of entering the banquet hall).
・ We are very sorry for customers who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, or who are not in good physical condition, but please refrain from entering the museum.
・ When visiting the museum, please disinfect your hands with alcohol disinfectants installed in various parts of the museum.
・ If you feel that you are not feeling well, please contact the staff near you.
・ We recommend that you install the “Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare New Coronavirus Contact Confirmation App (COCOA)” and register for “Gifu City with Corona Anshin Tracking Service”.

・ A partition is installed on the front couter.
・ Please fill out the health check sheet at check-in.
・ Equipment such as room keys, counters, and pens are disinfected each time they are returned.
・ Alcohol disinfection of equipment and amenities in the guest room.
・ Sufficient ventilation is provided when cleaning the guest rooms.
・ The shuttle bus reduces the number of passengers and shields the driver from the customer with a vinyl curtain.
・ Lending of mahjong, go, shogi, etc. is suspended.

[Restaurant / Café]
・ We have a layout that secures the distance between the tables.
・ Customers who use more than one person are requested to sit diagonally or in a row, avoiding face-to-face contact.
・ After the previous customer has used it, we will guide you after disinfecting the table etc. with alcohol.
・ A partition is set up at the cashier counter.

[About the banquet hall]
・ We propose a layout that secures the space between customers in the usage format such as meals and meetings.
・ The capacity of the venue is reduced when using it for banquets, parties, and meetings.
・ The venue is well ventilated with an air conditioner at any time.
・ Karaoke is not available for the time being.

・ For the time being, the buffet and platter platters will be suspended, and kaiseki meals and course meals will be served.
・ Breakfast is served as a Japanese-Western eclectic set meal with the buffet suspended.

[Regarding the large communal bath]
・ We have reduced the capacity of the large communal bath to 35 men’s baths and 30 women’s baths.
・ At the dressing room, we ask that you keep a distance between customers.

[About the store]
・ The number of people entering the store is limited.
・ The shopping cart is sterilized with alcohol after use.
・ Product tasting service is suspended.
・ A partition is set up at the cashier counter.

[About payment]
・ We recommend using pre-payment and QR code payment to prevent congestion.
 You can use au Pay, PayPay, LINE Pay, Melpay, Alipay, and WeChat.
* Only d payment may not be available under some conditions.

[Regarding business hours]
・ We are shortening the business hours of facilities in the building.

[About employees]
・ The temperature is measured when going to work, and if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher and you are not feeling well, you will be on standby at home.
・ Alcohol disinfectant is installed in the back space to disinfect hands and fingers.
・ We refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently, and when we have to go out, we try to avoid “sealing, crowding, and close contact”.
・ Thoroughly wear a mask when commuting.

 We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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Standard Twin Room | Room size: 26 m² | Bed Size: 110 cm x 195 cm (2 units)
Japanese Style Room | Room size: Japanese-style room 8 tatami mats | Capacity: 2-3 people


  • TV
  • Satellite broadcasting (free)
  • Telephone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Kettle
  • Tea set
  • Refrigerator
  • Toilet with washing machine



  • Hair dryer
  • Soap
  • Body soap
  • Shampoo
  • Treatment
  • Shaving set
  • Razor
  • Shower cap
  • Comb
  • Towel
  • Bath towel
  • Yukata
  • Slippers


*The pictures are illustration purpose.

You can taste seasonal ingredients at different restaurant venues where you can enjoy the fruits of the mountains and rivers of Gifu. Sophisticated tastes such as a French restaurant with a view of French cuisine prepared by a first-class chef, Hanakawa, a Beijing cuisine where you can enjoy the authentic taste of Beijing, Japanese cuisine, and a fireside ware shop. Have a nice evening in the lounge or bar as a place to relax after a meal.


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Map & Direction

Shuttle buses run between the hotel, JR Gifu Station and Meitetsu Gifu Station.
The hotel has free on-site parking for 200 vehicles.

If planning to stay overnight in Gifu City, by all means consider the Gifu Grand Hotel. This resort hotel is a perfect choice for spending a pleasurable time amidst the great outdoors as the Nagara River, Mt. Kinkazan and Gifu Castle are right in front of the hotel.

If coming by public transportation

Public transportation

If coming by Gifu Bus

About 20 minutes from Meitetsu Gifu Station or JR Gifu Station.
Take the Kanodanchi Line for Miwashakamae or Iwaisankasagami. Get off at Nagaragawaonsen (Gifu Grand Hotel Mae).




Local Attraction

Nagara Park

Nagara Park is a 10-minute walk from the hotel, with flowers, greenery, light sports, athletics and large.

Distance: 10 min. from Hotel

Nagara Tenjin Shrine

Nagara Tenjin Shrine, located 20 minutes on foot (5 minutes by car) north of the hotel.

Distance: 20 min. from Hotel

Nagaragawa Ukai Museum

Modern museum with interactive exhibits focusing on the Japanese tradition of cormorant fishing.

Distance: 16 min. from Hotel