Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo

Located in Sapporo. West Twin Room (24.3㎡) is available here. They offer two breakfast options: a buffet of Japanese and Western dishes.

Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo is located in central Sapporo with a five-minute walk from JR Sapporo Station, and a beautiful botanic garden is just across the street. The hotel offers modern accommodation with free Wi-Fi access, well-established restaurants, and ample fitness facilities. The airport shuttle buses run directly to and from the hotel on a daily basis. The simply decorated guestrooms offer a perfect atmosphere for relaxing after a long day. Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo is an ideal choice for people who seek to enjoy both urban areas and beautiful nature of Sapporo in a calm environment.

Guests stay at urban hotels for various purposes, including sightseeing, business, and commemorative events. We offer various rooms to meet the needs of all our guests, including solo women travelers and families on vacation, so that they can enjoy their stay with peace of mind in refined, extraordinary spaces. Access to the Luxury Floor and the Premier Floor is controlled by room keycard, making these floors accessible only to guests staying there. Four-bed rooms, in which four beds are arranged in two rows, are popular rooms that evoke the sense of a plaza where people gather. We offer a comfortable stay to all who choose to stay with us.

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Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo

Address: 7-2-1 Kita 5-Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Station, Sapporo, Japan, 060-0005 | Tel:+81-11-271-0111 | Hotel Official Website |




Measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo is taking the following actions in consideration of the health and safety of our guests and employees and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Public area

  • Hand sanitizers are available at 3 entrances, restrooms, all restaurants, and banquet halls
  • Sanitizing by wiping the escalators at regular intervals
  • Sanitizing the buttons of elevators at regular intervals
  • Limiting the number of people per elevators to 4 people basically and 6 people in busy time
  • Ventilating the air in the hotel regularly
  • Limiting the number of people to use a smoking booth


1. Sanitizing

  • Lobby; Sanitizing by wiping at regular intervals, every hour between 9:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 19:00.
    Including desk, telephone, counter, computer, vending machine, door knob, and other facilities that are frequently touched
  • Front desk; Sanitizing by wiping every time after the guest using.
    Including pen, telephone, counter, computer, room key, and other facilities that are frequently touched
  • Guest rooms; Sanitizing by wiping and spraying when cleaning.
    Wiping – Including desk, chair, pen, telephone, remote controller of TV and air-conditioning system, table, shower handle, door knob, water bottle, door bell, switches, hangers, lever in bathroom, fridge, safe box, hair dryer, kettle, brochures, shoehorn, umbrella, facility information, and other equipment that are frequently touched
    Spraying – Including bedclothes, pillows, cushions, etc
  • Guest floors – Sanitizing by wiping when cleaning.
    Including buttons of elevators, door knob, and house phone

2. Ventilation

  • Lobby; opening the doors often
  • Guest floors; opening the doors every day, and ventilating with outside air
  • Guest rooms; ventilating all the time by air-conditioning system

3. Guest services

  • Installing a thermographic camera in the lobby
  • Health check sheet upon arrival
  • Installing the plastic shields at reception desks and lobby desks
  • Social distancing around the front counter
  • Installing a humidifier with sterilizing system
  • Setting disposal gloves and antibacterial sheet in the guest rooms
  • Guiding the guests with different lines during check out time and breakfast time
  • Using a tray when handling Cash and Credit card
  • Changing all amenities and towels including unused ones after the guest check out
  • Separated cleaning of linens in guest rooms
  • Limiting the number of the people to use a smoking booth in the lobby

To keep a social distance, we are not taking same elevator with the guest. In addition, we deliver the luggage to the guest room at a later point. The guest is able to check the hotel information on the TV in the guest room.

4. Room service

  • Passing the food and beverages at the entrance of the guest room

Restaurants, Banquet, and Wedding


1. Prevention of infection by droplets
  • Wearing a face shield as needed basis
  • Installing a plastic shield at cashier counter
  • Using a tray when handling Cash and Credit card
2. Sanitizing
  • Sanitizing at regular intervals for doors, door knob, hand rail, and other facilities that are frequently touched
  • Cleaning and sanitizing in business hours, not only closed time
  • Sanitizing the tables, chairs, and menus after the guest using
  • Using a hot water high-pressure washing machine for eating utensils
  • Using a ozone sterilizer after washing for reusable chopsticks
3. Social distancing
  • Limiting the number of people using
  • Keeping space between tables and limiting to half capacity
4. Ventilation
  • Restaurant halls; ventilating all the time by air-conditioning system
  • Private rooms; opening the doors to ventilate as needed basis

[Banquet, and Wedding]

1. Ventilation
  • Banquet halls; ventilating all the time by air-conditioning system and opening the doors to ventilate as needed basis
2. Prevention of contact infection
  • Sanitizing the facilities and equipment in the banquet halls
    Including door, table, chair, cloak counter, cloak tag, microphone, and other rental equipment
  • Serving the food by hotel staff, and several staff wearing a face shield
  • Replacing the tong and chopsticks for serving at regular intervals
  • Using a tray when handling Cash and Credit card
3. Prevention of infection by droplets
  • Keeping social distance when welcoming and seeing the guest off
  • Guiding the guest at reception and rest area with social distance
  • Spacing between tables, limiting the number of people sitting, keeping space between the guest sitting areas
  • Covering the food for the buffet style and setting a lid
  • Installing a plastic shield in a meeting salon
4. Equipment arrangement available as requested basis
  • Thermographic camera, and No-touch thermometer
  • For reception use, plastic shield to prevent of droplets

*Those equipment has been limited, requesting in advance is much appreciated

Health management of employees

  • Covering coughs
  • Remaining at home when developing a fever or not feeling well
  • Wearing a mask while commuting and working, also wearing gloves as needed basis
  • Washing and sanitizing the hands when entering the hotel
  • Taking temperature and recording when coming to work
  • Avoid unnecessary business trip and overseas travel
  • Recording a location and meeting history
  • Requesting all people entering the hotel to wear a mask and sanitize the hands

Requests to the guest who uses our hotel

  • Please cooperate to wash and sanitize the hands
  • Please wear a mask to protect other people
  • Please avoid visiting the hotel when developing a fever or not feeling well
  • Please cooperate to keep social distance
  • Please keep social distance when using an escalator or an elevator
  • Please keep social distance when sitting on the chair and sofa in the lobby
  • Please keep social distance when standing in line to front desk or casher desk by representative 1 person if possible, and cooperate to use a tray when handling Cash and Credit card
  • Please inform to hotel staff immediately when not feeling well
  • Please inform to hotel in advance when using the restaurant with large group




Coming soon


Standard Twin Room | Room size: 24.3 m²| Bed size: 1,100 mm x 2,000 mm, 2 beds


  • Body soap / Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Bath linens (hand towel, face towel, bath towel)
  • Hairdryer
  • Hand soap
  • Toothbrush set
  • Razor
  • Comb
  • Shower toilet
  • Shower cap
  • Hair tie
  • Cotton pads


  • TV with terrestrial and satellite channels
  • Telephone・Free Internet
  • Electric kettle
  • Green tea
  • Coffee
  • Refrigerator
  • Air purifier with humidifier function
  • In-room safe
  • Feather pillow / Down pillow
  • Disposable slippers
  • Nightwear
  • Trouser press




 Morning Buffet

Morning buffet, featuring a wide array of dishes and served in a sun-filled place, promises to make your stay at our hotel even more enjoyable.
Dishes cover Japanese and Western cuisine, and feature Hokkaido’s finest seasonal ingredients. There are even some ethnic dishes.

Location1F Buffet & Party Court Glass Seasons
Hours6 a.m. – 10 a.m. (last order: 9:45 a.m.)


Fluffy omelet

This custardy omelet, cooked right before your eyes, is to die for!


Western dishes

Oven-fresh bread, soups, salads, curry and more


Japanese dishes

Grilled fish, noodles, dishes featuring local ingredients, and more


Morning buffet includes soup curry, a popular local dish.
Full-bodied curry with a refreshing aftertaste makes a great breakfast dish.


Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon

New Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport Limousine Buses

Information about the change of bus time schedule

Travel timeApprox. 90 minutes
Notes: Actual travel times vary depending on weather and traffic conditions.
Bus stopNorth Entrance of Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo
RouteKeio Plaza Hotel Sapporo > Royton Sapporo > Sapporo Prince Hotel > Tsukisamu Chuo Station > Fukuzumi Station > Sapporo Dome > Mitsui Outlet Park Entrance > New Chitose Airport


The hotel has a multi-story drive-in parking garage that accommodates 300 vehicles.

The hotel has a multi-story, drive-in parking garage that accommodates 300 vehicles. Directly connected to the hotel, it is easily accessible in any weather. Unlike with automated parking, drivers can pick up their cars themselves without the stress of waiting a long time to retrieve their cars. Notes:
1. Car traffic is only one-way on the hotel premises. To enter the parking garage, take the road on the east side of the hotel.
(Caution should be exercised, as some car navigation systems erroneously instruct drivers to go in the opposite direction.)
2. After exiting the parking garage elevator, please use the stairs to the hotel lobby. Please leave your luggage with our staff at the front entrance before parking.


Capacity Approx.300
Hours24 hours
TypeMulti-story drive-in (5 stories)
Vehicle restrictionsHeight: 2.1 m, Length: 5.0 m
Bus/truck parking spaces3 (up to 3.5 m high) – Reservations required
Motorcycle parking spaces4 large motorcycles (1F) – Reservations required
Accessible parking spaces3 (1F) – Reservations required


Local Attraction

Source: © Canva
Former Hokkaidō Government Office

Grand red-brick former government building from the 1880s, with exhibits on Hokkaido history.

Distance: 5 min. from hotel (by foot)

Source: © Google Maps
Botanic Garden Hokkaido University

19th-century university botanical gardens with a tropical greenhouse & a large collection of plants.

Distance: 5 min. from hotel (by foot)

Source: © Canva

Susukino is Sapporo’s downtown district and one of Japan’s biggest entertainment spots.

Distance: 23 min. from hotel (by foot)

Source: © Google Maps
Tanukikoji Shopping Street

Niseko Village’s premier sports store for all seaLong, covered shopping street stretching for 656 ft. & dating back to 1868, with around 200 outlets.

Distance: 19 min. from hotel (by foot)

Source: © FamilyMart Co., Ltd.
Family Mart

Convenience store chain offering a wide variety of hot & cold drinks & snacks. Many offer fuel.

Distance: 1 min. from hotel (by foot)

Source: © Canva
Sapporo Clock Tower

Built in 1878, this iconic wooden clock tower now houses a museum on the history of Sapporo.

Distance: 16 min. from hotel (by foot)

Source: © Canva
Odori Park

Iconic park full of flowerbeds & fountains, hosting frequent events throughout the year.

Distance: 11 min. from hotel (by foot)

Source: © Canva
Sapporo TV Tower

Famous TV tower built in the 1950s, with an observation deck offering panoramic views of the city.

Distance: 20 min. from hotel (by foot)