Narita Tobu Hotel Airport

Located in Narita. Twin Room (22 m²) is available here. Enjoy a buffet and a la carte meals including Chinese dishes at bright Oasis Restauran

The Narita Tobu Hotel Airport is ideally located next to the Narita International Airport. Simplicity and swift service and all the essential amenities are available. All the rooms have an airport vie and high-speed Internet access. The facilities include a swimming pool and a fitness center. The attentive staff is willing to help as guides for the surrounding area. There are a number of places of interest near the hotel including the Narita Tourist Pavilion which serves as a tourist information center. Tokyo Disneyland and the National Museum of Natural History are also nearby. Our secure online booking form makes reserving your room at Narita Tobu Hotel Airport simple – just fill in your desired dates and click.

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Narita Tobu Hotel Airport

Address: 320-1 Tokko, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture 286-0106 | Tel: 0476-32-1234 | Hotel Official Website |




About measures against new coronavirus infections and requests to customers

At all hotels and restaurants operated by Tobu Hotel Management, in order to provide customers with peace
of mind and relaxation, the health and safety of all of our customers and employees are our top priority, and the following infectious diseases are prevented. We are working on countermeasures.

Request to customers

We ask for your cooperation in ensuring social distance to avoid crowding, including the following measures so that everyone can use it safely and securely .

  1. Wearing a mask other than during meals
  2. Alcohol disinfection of fingers when entering the store
  3. If you are not feeling well, we may refuse to use the service.

For guests using our hotel

  • Please make an accurate entry on the guest card (registration card).
  • At check-in, you will be asked to show your ID (license, passport, health insurance card, etc.) to verify your identity.
  • Please refrain from visiting or using the facility if you have a fever (37.5 ° C or higher) or if you are not in good physical condition.
  • If you feel unwell during your visit, please contact the staff near you. Depending on the situation, we will provide the contact information for the consultation desk (health center, etc.).

For customers who have stayed in an area subject to immigration restrictions based on the overseas immigration law within the past 14 days of the check-in date

  • Please fill in the consent form that accompanies the accommodation regulations set by the hotel.
  • Please refrain from going out from the guest room.
  • Rooms will not be cleaned for stays of 2 nights or more. Garbage is collected daily, but sheets, towels and amenities are only replaced upon request.
  • Shuttle buses operating at some facilities are not available due to public transportation

Tobu Hotel Group Initiatives

  • Ventilation in the hall
  • Social distance
  • Hand washing and disinfection
  • Wearing a mask
  • Cash tray
  • Health care
  • Splash prevention

Initiatives of each accommodation department

  1. Check in Check out
  • Implementation of temperature measurement on arrival
  • Installation of disinfectant solution in various places in the building
  • Installation of partitions on the front counter
  • Use of cash tray at checkout
  • Non-face-to-face procedures with automatic check-in machines are possible at some hotels
  1. During your stay
  • Avoiding crowds in the elevator
  • Regular disinfection of various parts of the building
  • Clean air always circulates in the guest room
  1. Room cleaning
  • Thorough ventilation by opening doors and windows
  • Disinfection of the entire guest room including furniture and fixtures
  • Cleaning staff wearing masks and gloves

At some hotels, due to the relationship between facilities and personnel, some stores take measures other than the above measures.
For details, please contact the inquiry desk of each hotel.

Initiatives of each restaurant

  • Implementation of temperature measurement at the time of entry
  • Implementation of disinfection at the time of entry
  • Securing seat spacing between customers
  • Buffet style change, a la carte offer
  • Installation of splash prevention sheet and partition
  • Use of cash tray at checkout

We limit the number of people who can enter the store according to the congestion situation. At some hotels, due to the relationship between facilities and personnel, some stores take measures other than the above measures. For details, please contact the inquiry desk of each hotel.

Efforts of each banquet / wedding department

  • Implementation of disinfection at the time of admission
  • Proposal of layout that keeps the distance between customers
  • Implementation of guidance by staff to avoid crowding
  • Implementation of disinfection for each banquet
  • Implementation of regular ventilation
  • Recommended for online meetings

In the meantime, we have to provide stop at the buffet format or platter cuisine
in some of the hotel, there is also a store from the relationship of equipment and personnel are the correspondence in a way other than the above-mentioned measures details of each hotel Please contact the inquiry window.

This initiative will be reviewed from time to time in light of the spread of new coronavirus infections in the future.
If you have any questions, please contact us. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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Twin Room | Room size: 22 m² | Bed size: 120cm x 200cm
Triple Room| Room size: 26 m² | Bed size: 140cm x 205cm

In Room Equipment and Amenities

  • bath towel
  • Face towel
  • Body soap
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • hand soap
  • toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Comb
  • Shower cap
  • Yukata * Please use only indoors
  • Slippers * Please use indoors only
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Air conditioner
  • Electric pot
  • Glass / cup
  • Hairdryer
  • clothes hanger
  • alarm
  • Baggage rack
  • Telephone (extension / outside)
  • (Front rental) Iron
  • (Front rental) Trouser press
  • (Front rental exhibition) Air purifier
  • (Front rental exhibition) Desk lamp
  • (Front rental exhibition) Fan


A variety of Japanese and Western buffets with colorful menus.
Please spend a wonderful start of the day in the bright store where the morning light shines.

time6: 00-10: 00


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The bus schedule between Hotel and Narita Airport and between Hotel and Narita City has been partially changed.
In addition, the operation schedule of buses between airports and Narita city may change in the future. Please note that the shuttle bus is treated as public transportation, so it cannot be used by customers who have stayed in areas subject to immigration restrictions based on the Immigration Control and Refuge overseas within the past 14 days of check-in.
* The hotel is about a 7-minute walk from Terminal 3 and a 15-minute walk from Terminal 2.

When using public transportation

By train

The nearest station is [JR Line / Keisei Line “Airport Terminal 2 Station” (Terminals 2 and 3) or “Narita Airport Station” (Terminal 1)].

  • 36 minutes from Keisei Nippori Station by Keisei Skyliner (41 minutes from Keisei Ueno Station)
  • Approximately 95 minutes by direct access to Keikyu / Toei Asakusa Line from Haneda Airport Station
  • About 60-95 minutes by Narita Express from Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Yokohama Station

from Airport

Access to the hotel from Narita Airport

  • Terminal 1: Please use the shuttle bus from the 1st floor / 16th bus stop.
  • Terminal 2: Please use the shuttle bus from the 1st floor / 25th bus stop.
  • Terminal 3: There is no bus to the hotel. Please move to Terminal 2 by shuttle bus or on foot.

Access from the hotel to Narita Airport

  • Terminal 1: Please use the shuttle bus from the hotel entrance. About 10 to 15 minutes
  • Terminal 2: Please use the shuttle bus from the hotel entrance. About 3-5 minutes
  • Terminal 3: Only the 6:00 bus departing from the hotel stops at Terminal 3.
    Buses departing from the hotel after 6:30 will be bound for the hotel … Terminal 2 … Terminal 1.
    Get off at Terminal 2 and walk or use the shuttle bus.

Local Attraction

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Convenience store

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Narita International Airport

This mammoth international airport serving the Tokyo area offers direct rail access to the city.