Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba

Located in Nagano. Standard Twin Room (29.8 m²) is available here. Buffet breakfast to enjoy as much as you like.

A resort where you can feel the four seasons of the North Alps.

You can enjoy seasonal flowers and greenery in the English garden of about 1740 tsubo on the Hotel grounds. Extend your legs further and find Happo-ridge and Tsugaike Natural Park, A good location for trekking to the autumn leaves.

10 seconds walk to Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort with fluffy natural snow. There are various courses and kids’ parks that beginners and advanced people can enjoy. We also offer a great set plan with a lift ticket.

A dinner Dinner Buffet featuring ingredients from Shinshu.

A Dinner Buffet that the chef is proud of. In the live kitchen, you can enjoy freshly made sushi and tempura.
In addition, local dishes and handmade sweets, Please enjoy the unique taste of Shinshu.

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Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba

Address: 12860-1 Chikuniotsu, Otari, Kitaazumi District, Nagano 399-9422, Japan | TEL: +81-261-72-3001 | Hotel Official Website |




As part of the Hotel in the COVID-19 infection prevention measures, we consider your safety and security are subjected to the following correspondence.

① Request for health check

  • We ask our customers to cooperate in “filling in a health check sheet”, “temperature measurement (non-contact type)” and “confirmation of overseas travel history” at check-in.
    *If a temperature of 37.5°C or higher is detected during temperature measurement, we may refrain from staying according to the instructions from the public health center.

② Request for mask wearing and alcohol disinfection in the hall

  • We ask our customers to disinfect their hands with alcohol when entering the building.
  • Please wear a mask while staying at the Hotel except when bathing and eating and drinking.
    *Please bring a mask when you come to the museum. We also sell for a fee.
  • If you experience fever or respiratory symptoms (such as coughing) during your stay at the Hotel, please notify the front desk staff.

③Front endeavors

  • An acrylic board is installed at the front counter.
  • In addition to the health check of customers at check-in, we are implementing measures to prevent splashes and reduce congestion.
  • Information at check-in will be kept to the minimum necessary to ease congestion.
  • Cards and cash at check-out will be delivered to the tray.

④ Efforts of restaurants

  • Please ask your hands to disinfect with alcohol when entering the store.
  • In order to ease the congestion, we will guide you through the entrance time in a distributed manner, and there is a space between table seats.
  • The stay time of the Meals will be 90 minutes.
  • Some dishes will be served individually and staff (masks and gloves will be worn).
  • Hygiene gloves are available for those who wish.
  • We also ask you to wear a mask in the restaurant when you are not eating or drinking.

⑤Large Bath activities

  • To alleviate the congestion, we will inform you of the congestion situation of the Bath.
  • The mist sauna, dry sauna and water cooler are closed.
  • Day use is suspended.

⑥ Efforts for Room type and public spaces

  • The rooms are fully ventilated and disinfected at checkout and when cleaning is completed.
  • Each Room type is equipped with a humidifier and alcohol disinfectant. (From 12/29)
  • We disinfect the parts such as door knobs, various switches, and equipment that come into contact with customers’ hands.
  • We disinfect and ventilate public spaces and install disinfectant solutions in various places.
  • The Room type have windows that can be opened and closed, so guests are advised to regularly ventilate themselves.

⑦ Employee health management

  • Thorough management of health and hygiene for employees. You are required to wear a mask.

● Other

  • Admission is restricted at “Cortina Adventureland”.
  • The tasting corner is abolished at the shop, and masks are sold for a fee.

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Standard Room (Japanese-style room) | Room size: 29.8m² | Room type overview: Single bed x 2 + 8 tatami | Number of rooms: 178 rooms (72 of which are on the parking lot side)
Cortina room (Japanese-style room) | Room size: 29.8m² | Room type overview: Single bed x 2 + 8 tatami | Number of rooms: 23 rooms (11 of which are on the parking lot side)

Room Amenities

Rinse-in shampoo / body shampoo / bath towel / face towel / hand towel / electric kettle / toothbrush / dryer / glass / tea pack / hot water drink / hairbrush ( Bath communal bath only) / shaving (Bath only)

Yukata: Please feel free to take it from each floor space when you get off the elevator.

  • Please note that the Hotel does not provide futon bedding.
  • There are no barrier-free rooms.
  • The room is equipped with a unit bath and a toilet seat for washing with warm water.


Very popular! You can enjoy the food including the front cooking corner, seasonal recommended menus, Shinshu local cuisine, and the rich sweets corner created by Hotel Patissier!
Shunsai Shinshu “Salt no Michi” Japanese and Western Buffet!


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Coming soon


Coming soon


Local bus (limited express bus) from Nagano Station

To Tsugaike Kogen Bus Stop / HAKUBA Cortina Bus Stop

There is a fixed-route bus (limited express bus) operated by “Alpico Kotsu Co., Ltd.” from Nagano Station.

For details, go to Alpico Kotsu HP

  • When using the bus bound for Tsugaike Kogen Bus Stop, please also check the reservation for the Hotel shuttle bus.
  • Please note that the HAKUBA Cortina Bus Stop will be suspended depending on the season.

 Local Attraction

Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort

Bustling ski resort known for its tree runs, scenic backcountry areas & varying slope levels.

Distance: 3 min. from Hotel